Blogmas Day 2: Gift guide — white elephant gift exchange

Here we are for day two of #HBJblogmas and today I’ve got a gift guide for y’all! Today’s post is all about ideas of what to bring to a white elephant gift exchange. If you’re not familiar, in a white elephant, everyone brings a gift to put in a common pool. Then, people draw numbers to determine the order people will pick gifts. Depending on the exact rules you’re playing by, people can swap gifts a certain number of times if they pull one they like less than a gift somebody else has.

White elephants are a pretty fun type of gift exchange that I’ve participated in a few times. They’re popular, but it can be hard to know what to bring, so I’m here with some ideas for you today!

Is your office, team, or family doing a white elephant gift exchange this year? Out of ideas? Look no further than this gift guide! | BLOGMAS DAY 2: WHITE ELEPHANT EXCHANGE GIFT GUIDE | HONEYBEE JOYOUS


My very first word of advice is to make sure you know whether or not the white elephant you’re participating in is a gag gift exchange. Some exchanges like this do silly gifts, but some are real gifts. If you can’t figure it out, always air on the side of buying a real gift. You don’t want to be that person who brings a fake dog poop to a gift exchange where everybody else brings gift cards!

Next, make sure you’re clear on the price range for your white elephant gift exchange. Every group sets their own price range, so it’s important to always clarify. You don’t want to be the person who only brings a $5 gift card when everyone else brings something worth $30 and you also don’t want to show up with an Xbox when everybody else brings something from Five Below.

Once you’ve figured out the vibe of your exchange, go out and get your gift! My go to gifts are listed below, along with recommendations of where to get each item. I didn’t link specific products, but that’s because these are easy gifts you can go out and get for a last minute gift exchange, not hyperspecific ideas that have to be from a certain store.


Blanket/fuzzy socks

I put this one at the top of the list because it’s a classic and always a winner. Everybody loves a nice, soft blanket or a warm pair of fuzzy socks. They’re not super expensive, and they’re not very polarizing. People probably won’t be pushing and shoving over this gift, but they also likely won’t be let down when they unwrap it. It’s a solid gift that’s definitely a crowd pleaser.

Five Below usually has some great blankets for cheap, so I’d definitely recommend checking those out. You also might want to think about stocking up. If you find a good deal on a gift like this, buy a few so that you can save them up for last minute gifts in the future.


Body care

Another classic white elephant gift is lotion. I used to work at Bath & Body Works so I’m quite familiar with their stuff, but I know lots of other stores have similar products that would make great gifts. Depending on your price range, packaging a few different lotions together can be a great idea. Better yet, you could put a lotion, shower gel, loofa, face mask, and pair of fuzzy socks together for a great treat yo’ self pack.

Body care is a great gift exchange option because just about everybody uses some form of it. It’s also great because there are so many options in so many prices ranges that it’s perfect for mixing and matching.


Movie night box

As you might have been able to tell from the body care package I suggested above, I really love the idea of gift baskets. They’re great because you can really make them work for any price range. A movie night box would include a DVD and some popcorn. The way this gift gets flexible is that you could buy a brand new movie that just came out or you can buy one of those $5 classics they have in bins at Walmart. You could even do a collection of movies, whether it’s a group you put together on your own or a pre-made collection you got at the store. You could include fun popcorn seasonings, or if you’ve got a high price range, even a popcorn popper!

This is a fun idea where you can get creative, but it’s also easy enough you can put it together at the last minute.


Craft kit

As somebody who loves crafting, this one definitely appeals to me. Whether you snag a pre-made craft kit someplace or browse Michael’s for a couple hours picking out paints on your own, putting together some kind of craft kit will definitely be appreciated at your gift exchange.

The great thing about a white elephant is that the gift you bring doesn’t have to be perfect for every single person there. As long as you bring something that’s appealing to somebody, the gift will go over well. Since people can swap for a gift they want, you don’t have to worry about being a crowd pleaser.


Hot chocolate/coffee/tea pack

Even though I just said you don’t have to worry about being a crowd pleaser, this one is a gift that’s guaranteed to please. Put together a pack of different kinds of hot beverages — whether that’s your favorite coffee blends, a rainbow of tea bags, different flavors of hot chocolate, or some combination — and make whoever gets it feel ready for a nice cozy night by the fire.

Even try throwing in a pair of fuzzy socks for good measure (can you tell I love fuzzy socks?) and add an extra layer of coziness.


Gift card

If all else fails, you can never go wrong with a gift card! Starbucks, Target, and Visa gift cards are always a hit and take very little effort.


{I hope this gift guide helped you prep for whatever white elephant exchange you might be getting ready for. Do you have any advice or other suggestions? Leave them in the comments below!}

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