Blogmas Day 3: Gift guide — what to get for your parents

I think it’s a generally accepted fact that your parents are some of the most difficult people to buy gifts for. They often the most important people in your life (giving birth to and raising a child is no easy feat!). If you’re in college, most likely you’re still financially dependant on them. That means that you might want to give your mom the world, but you probably want to show that you’re financially responsible enough not to waste money on extravagant gifts.

In this installment of my gift guide series, I’m trying to help you solve these problems by giving you some sources of inspiration for finding the perfect gift for your parents!


It's so hard to buy gifts for your parents. Never fear, today's Blogmas post is a gift guide full of ideas of gifts to give the most important people. | BLOGMAS DAY 3: GIFT GUIDE — WHAT TO GET YOUR PARENTS | HONEYBEE JOYOUS


Since everybody’s parents are going to like different things, I didn’t think it would be very helpful to include specific products. Instead, I decided to give you a list of some things to think about and draw inspiration from so that you can find a unique gift that fits your own family.


Something they wouldn’t get themselves

The most obvious gift idea is to get them something they wouldn’t get themselves. Parents are used to putting their kids first, which often means going without luxuries so that they can provide the best for their children. If you know your mom would love a massage but would never pay for one herself, buy her a gift certificate to a massage parlor! If you know your dad has been eyeing a new pair of sunglasses, but keeps saying they cost too much to be worth it, splurge on him!

The perk of this kind of gift is that you know it’s something they want and you know it’s something they won’t already have. A gift like this is an excellent way to show that you appreciate them because you know it will mean a lot.


Family tradition

If you’re really out of ideas, thinking through family traditions is a great way to start. Ornaments for the Christmas tree are a really big deal in my family, so this year I decided to get my parents and my sisters a Christmas ornament that’s perfect for their individual personalities. Maybe your family always bakes cupcakes together but your cupcake pans are looking a little worn. Maybe you go to the zoo as a family every year and you could pay for the tickets this time around.

A gift like this will show your parents that you really value the things you do together as a family. Even if it’s something small, this kind of gift is symbolic and means more than just the present itself.


Something they need

If your parents don’t like people to spend money on them and you’re worried about a financial responsibility lecture, getting them something they need is a smart way to go. If your can opener is on its last legs, your mom needs new reading glasses, or your dad’s snow shovel cracked last year, those kinds of things are great starting points for a gift your parents will really value.

Getting somebody something they need shows that you’ve been paying attention, which always feels great. A practical gift is great because it’s probably something the person would have bought anyway, but now they don’t have to! In addition to getting whatever gift you give, they also get the gift of having their time saved.


Do something nice

If you’re really out of ideas (or really strapped for cash), think back to elementary school when you would make coupons for things like “take out the trash” and “make dinner” to give your parents for the holidays. You don’t have to make a first grade style coupon book, but consider doing something around the house that you know would help out. Clean out the gutters, paint the spare room, help your younger sibling with their college applications.

Even though it can be really difficult to find the perfect gift for your parents, they actually are some of the easiest people to please. Just like when they appreciated every macaroni art piece in elementary school, they’ll love whatever you get them.


{Do you have a foolproof gift for parents? Are you super excited about what you got them this year? Share in the comments down below!}

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  1. Love this post! Getting them something they wouldn’t get for themselves is a great idea. I know personally my mom loves to shop for others, but is so hesitant to get for herself, even though she deserves to!

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