Blogmas Day 5: How to be productive when you have a spare hour

Sometimes you only have an hour to spare, but tons to do. It’s Blogmas Day 5 and today I’m going to try to solve that time management problem for you. How do you make the most of a spare hour? When you only have an hour between classes, how can you be productive? Check out my tips below!


Sometimes you only have an hour to spare, but tons to do. Today's post is all about how to be productive and make the most of that spare hour! | BLOGMAS DAY 5: HOW TO BE PRODUCTIVE IN A SPARE HOUR | HONEYBEE JOYOUS


Answer emails

Y’all, if you know anything about me, you probably know I live and die by my email. Inbox zero is my perpetual life goal and I use my unread email list as a to do list (if you want to know more about my email system and how I keep my four email accounts in check, let me know in the comments and I’ll write a post!). This is probably my number one go to choice for what productive thing I’ll do if I have a spare hour. I love seeing the number in that red bubble decrease.


Wash dishes

If you’re anything like me, you always have dishes piling up by the sink. If I have a spare hour and don’t feel like doing homework, doing dishes is always something productive I can accomplish. Washing dishes is also one of those tasks that’s super satisfying because you can actually see your progress. You can see the dishes get cleaner and you can see the pile by the sink decrease. If you’re looking for something to make you feel like you accomplished something productive, definitely try washing dishes!


Tidy up

When I was a kid, one of my favorite shows was The Big Comfy Couch and at the end of the show, there was always the “10 second tidy,” where the girl would clean up the mess she made during the course of the show. I’m really bad at cleaning my room, so it takes me a bit more than 10 seconds, but I love the idea of a 10 second tidy where you go through and clean up as fast as you can. When you clean at high speed, it’s less painful and I always surprise myself with how fast it actually goes.


Organize your planner

I don’t know if you’re as much of a planner addict as I am (seriously, I LOVE my plannerif you want to see an updated planner post, leave me a comment!), but an hour is definitely well spent if you sit there and organize your planner. You can log your assignments, declutter your email, make a to do list, and schedule meetings.


Get ahead

Whether it’s doing a reading for a class later that week or editing an article for your student newspaper, there’s always work to be done. Even if you can’t get a whole reading done, you can make a serious dent in it if you work hard for an hour. There’s always something that can be done and if you can motivate yourself to work on something and you’ll definitely thank yourself later!


Bonus tip:

Don’t take off your shoes! If you’re only home for an hour and you kick off your shoes and hop into bed, you’re much more likely to want to relax than be productive. Keep your shoes on and stay off your bed to really get things done.


{How do you like to use a free hour? Do you prefer to be productive or take a nap? Let me know in the comments!}