Blogmas Day 19: Blogs I love to read

It’s basically impossible to be a blogger without reading a ton of other blogs. There are so many amazing people producing so much awesome content out there and there are some blogs I go back to over and over and over again. Blogging and reading blogs is such an important part of my life that today I wanted to share with you some of the blogs I most love to read. Keep scrolling for an alphabetical list of some of my favs!


I started my blog in December 2015, but I couldn't have done it and wouldn't have kept going without all the other amazing blogs that inspire me every day! | BLOGMAS DAY 19: BLOGS I LOVE TO READ | HONEYBEE JOYOUS



A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess is the very first blog I ever started following. It’s run by sisters Elsie and Emma and they blog about food, decor, crafting, style, and more. I started reading in like 2008 and I remember reading about both of their weddings and their various business ventures. Now, Elsie’s living in Nashville with her husband and they’re adopting a daughter together and A Beautiful Mess is one of the most well-known blogs around. Not only did I basically grow up reading their blog, these two sisters and everybody else who writes for their blog are such lovely people full of great ideas.

Posts to check out:

How to style maiden braids (This is a really old post and one of the ones that turned me from a casual A Beautiful Mess reader to a devoted one.)

Make your own jean skirt (I love the ABM DIYs and this is one that’s definitely on my list to try out!)


A Wanderer’s Adventures

Amelie is absolutely lovely and I’m so happy to be able to count her as one of my blogging friends! She’s from Quebec so I had a great first impression (I have family from the province) and her blog’s content did not disappoint! She writes about all kinds of things college students and millennials would find interesting and her advice is always genuine and honest. She studied abroad in the UK this semester and has a series of posts about studying abroad and what she learned that you should definitely check out if you’re thinking about studying abroad!

Posts to check out:

Study abroad preparation: First steps

75 things you should know before college


And Possibly Dinosaurs

Caitlin’s blog is primarily a blog about blogging and it’s amazing! A lot of blogs about blogging operate under the assumption that you want your blog to eventually be your full-time job. Caitlin recognizes that that’s not for everybody and her blog operates on the premise that you can love your blog and love your job. My favorite are her posts about design, but she also writes awesome posts about blogging more generally and about feminism too.

Posts to check out:

6 reasons you should start a blog

Intimidated by InDesign? Here are the 7 tools to start with


As Life Grows

Samantha is seriously such a ray of sunshine! She was one of the first college bloggers I started reading when I was starting Honeybee Joyous. She gives such real advice and I can always tell it’s coming from genuine experience. Her academic advice is especially good and you can really tell how much discipline she has and how seriously she takes her studies. She also gives great relationship advice, especially if you’re in an LDR! I can always count on As Life Grows to have posts that really help me out!

Posts to check out:

5 handy tips for organizing your graduate school applications

5 things I wish I knew before being in a long distance relationship


Carly the Prepster

Carly’s blog used to be The College Prepster but she recently re-branded because she’s been out of college for a while and no longer writes much about student life. She’s a really well-known blogger so you might already follow her, but I can always count on her posts to be high quality. She’s pretty well known for her fashion posts (she’s like a walking J. Crew catalog!) but I’ve been loving her travel posts this year and her “On My Radar” series inspired my Friday Favs series.

Posts to check out:

Packing better

How to plan a BIG trip


Coming Up Roses

Erica is awesome and every single post on her blog is so full of joy and life! When she writes I can definitely hear her talking, even though I don’t know her personally. She’s super real and writes about all kinds of things from fashion to beauty to blogging to relationships. You’ll love Coming Up Roses if you’re a millennial woman in search of another millennial woman who’s down for some real talk. Every time I read one of Erica’s posts I feel like we’re at brunch together having mimosas.

Posts to check out:

51 things to do instead of checking your phone

10 ways to choose joy this Christmas season


Kait Around the Kingdom

Kait’s blog is all about my favorite place in the world — Walt Disney World. I was so excited when I came across her blog in a blogging Facebook group I’m in because I’m always excited to find someone who loves WDW as much as I do. She writes about Disney pro tips, little known facts, and ways to bring more Disney magic into your own life. I especially love her photos and definitely recommend following her on Instagram. Her photos are colorful, vibrant, and I’m always excited to add a little more WDW magic to my feed.

Posts to check out:

My Fastpass+ picks: Epcot

How to spread kindness with a #CastCompliment


Kayla Blogs

Kayla is not only one of my favorite bloggers, she’s one of the first college bloggers I ever read and is a big inspiration to me. I’m also lucky enough to call her one of my blogging friends! I always look forward to seeing her new blog posts (and her videos on her YouTube channel too!). Kayla writes about grad school, books, relationships, and my favorite — planners! If you like Honeybee Joyous, you should definitely subscribe to her blog as well as she’s a huge inspiration of mine.

Posts to check out:

My favorite Spotify playlists for studying

Perfect planners for college students


Living In Full Bloom

Living In Full Bloom is yet another awesome college blog that you should check out if you like Honeybee Joyous! Alyssa is a wonderful writer and I always look forward to reading her new posts. My favorite thing about her blog is that her advice is always insanely practical. She’s not one of those bloggers who’s all about “affordable” products that are $50+. When she talks about saving money, she means it and means it for the average student! Her posts are super relatable and incredibly helpful.

Posts to check out:

How I save money on groceries

15 budget friendly fall date ideas


Living the Gray Life

Abigail’s blog is perfect for those of you who love the gym and all things fitness! She writes about her workouts and her healthy recipes as well as study tips and tips for starting out with blogging. Y’all probably know I’m not much of a gym-goer but I still love Abigail’s blog because she really makes me feel like if I suddenly decided to start going to the gym, I could really get in shape! You can tell how hard she works and she’s super strong and super smart. Definitely an inspiration for me!

Posts to check out:

Project comeback: The first week back (She recently came down with mono and after a long period away from her favorite place — the gym — she’s basically starting over. This post is such an inspiration for anybody just starting out!)

The perfect study plan for finals week


One Salty Kiss

Karen’s blog is my go-to when I need a pick-me-up and a reminder about how to do that self-love thing. She’s so positive and gives absolutely amazing advice about everything there is in the realm of self-love, empowerment, and stepping out of your comfort zone. She’s also not one of those self help expert types who’s always on a stage at giant conferences. She’s super real and super relatable. Oh and did I mention she’s a middle aged mom who surfs? How cool can one person be?!

Posts to check out:

21 ways to love yourself

The secret to coping with life transitions


Organized Charm

Organized Charm is an old standby of mine and I think Kirsten and I would be BFFs if we met in real life. She’s amazing at keeping things organized, is also obsessed with hitting inbox zero, and some of her college advice I read in high school and have been using successfully my entire college career. She’s also a teacher, which means she’s basically me but a few years older. If you’re in college and looking to get yourself organized, I definitely recommend combing through her archives because it’s a treasure trove!

Posts to check out:

How to get more done every day

How to create a semester assignment sheet (This is a method I’ve been using and adapting to my own needs since my freshman year of college!)


Russian Machine Never Breaks

Y’all this is my one-stop-shop for all things Washington Capitals. If you’re a hockey fan (or even better — a Caps fan) you need to check out this blog! They do a great mix of game recaps, breaking news, stat analysis, and lifestyle pieces about the players. If I want to see Tom Wilson shirtless or figure out if the Caps are going to make the playoffs this year, this is where I look. I especially love that they break down complicated statistics in a way that’s easy to understand and are never elitist in the way they talk about fans. The welcoming atmosphere of this blog made it super easy to learn a whole bunch about hockey, even for someone like me who’s only recently gotten into sports at all.

Posts to check out:

Caps dads take their kids out for a skate, including Tom Wilson, who is also apparently a dad (This post was written by Elyse, who I like really want to be my best friend, and features lots of adorable pictures of hockey players and small children, if you’re into that, which I am.)

Three years later, can top-line Tom Wilson really last this time? (Peter is always there with smart analysis of stats, funny quips, and great breakdowns of some of the larger trends for the team. His posts always do a great job breaking down the numbers in a way that is easy to understand but still makes me feel really smart for getting.)

All of Brendan’s posts (Okay so my boyfriend writes for RMNB but that’s not the reason they’re one of my favorite blogs, it’s just a perk. Seriously, I was into RMNB before we started dating and we started dating before he started writing for them. Anyway, check out every post he’s ever written for them because he’s a great writer and I’m proud of him! Leave a comment below if you want him to start guest posting on Honeybee Joyous!)


The Happy College Girl

Sarah’s blog is awesome if you’re looking for some place encouraging and body positive! What girl hasn’t experienced body image issues at some point in their life? She’s so encouraging and gives amazing advice to empower you to take charge of and love your body. Also, subscribing to her newsletter is a must.

Posts to check out:

Don’t future trip on your body

Quick and dirty body confidence tips


The Swirl

The Swirl is run by Gabby and Hannah, two BFFs who blog primarily about college and about blogging. They are both so fun and I love that they run the blog together, even when they’re not physically in the same place. They’re both super knowledgeable on everything they write about and give amazing advice!

Posts to check out:

5 proven ways to increase blog engagement

How to: A study plan for a 4.0



{There’s no way I could have included every single blog I read, so I just included the ones I check on a regular basis. There are so many amazing bloggers out there and I always love discovering new sites! Leave me a comment with the link to your blog or a blog you love.}