Blogmas Day 21: Gift guide — From parents to students (feat. fygböx)

On Honeybee Joyous, you can find all kinds of gift guides, including ideas for what to get your parents. Today, I’m bringing you the companion to that post — a gift guide full of suggestions for what parents can get for their college students. Whether it’s a gift card to the store that’s right across the street from their dorm or a fygböx in the mail, college students will be sure to love all of these gift ideas!


If you're a parent wondering what you should get your college student for Christmas, check out the fygböx — an elevated care package. | BLOGMAS DAY 21: GIFT GUIDE — FROM PARENTS TO STUDENTS (FEAT. fygböx) | HONEYBEE JOYOUS



Gift card to a nearby store

Chances are, there’s a store on or near campus that your college student is spending a lot of money at. A gift card to that store makes a perfect gift! Right next to my campus, we have a Wawa and it’s an absolute hub of student activity. People are always there (it’s open 24 hours) and it’s the most convenient place to grab a snack but is unfortunately not on the meal plan. Students at my school always LOVE getting Wawa gift cards because of how useful they are! We’ll all spend money at Wawa anyway so a gift card makes it that much better.

Last year, the dorm I lived in was pretty removed from main campus (and the dining halls) but nestled right in Colonial Williamsburg. It was a wonderful place to live, but finding sustenance on cold winter weekends was tough because the closest dining hall is only open on weekdays, so you’d have to make a bit of a trek. For my birthday that year, my parents gave me gift cards to a couple of the nearby shops and restaurants and I appreciated it so much. Gift cards to places your student is already going to spend money make a great gift because of their practicality!


Rolls of quarters

This might sound like an odd gift, but if your student’s school is like mine, the laundry machines cost money and still take quarters. We can also load money onto our ID to spend on laundry, but sometimes quarters are just more convenient. Not only would unwrapping quarters on Christmas morning be an amusing sight, but it would also make for quite a practical gift.


School supplies

Everybody needs school supplies and since Christmas falls between semesters, new school supplies make a great Christmas gift! Once again, they’re an amazingly practical gift that your student is bound to seriously appreciate. I know I’ve been asking for office/school supplies for Christmas since I was little. I’m sure my parents thought it was kind of weird when I asked for sticky notes and a tape dispenser in third grade, but now I have a productivity blog and I’m going to be a teacher, so I guess it makes sense!

Giving school supplies as a gift also means you can splurge a little and buy the fancier, more expensive notebooks with the higher quality paper instead of those cheap Walmart ones your student would probably pick out if they were buying for themselves. Buy them some nice pens (I recommend these or these), nice notebooks (these are so cute), or a new planner (check out my friend Kayla’s excellent post here for some ideas) and your college student will be sure to appreciate it!


Tech cleaning cloths

So this one sounds like kind of a weird suggestion, and maybe it’s just a me problem, but I have a touch screen laptop and my screen is always so dirty. While Clorox wipes or glasses cleaner can work, sometimes it feels nice to be able to use cleaners that are made specifically for your technology. My friend Jenny’s dad gave her a whole bunch of cleansing wipes and she let me borrow some to clean my laptop screen and it made such a huge difference! If your college student is blogging in bed while eating Fritos (oh wait oops that’s me), consider getting them some technology cleaning supplies. It’s something they probably wouldn’t buy for themselves, but will make a big difference in their ability to see their Netflix shows or do their readings for class.


A new phone case

Even if your college student doesn’t need a phone case right now, chances are they will soon! The great thing about cases is that they’re there to protect your phone from breaking in case you drop it, but that means that cases often get broken. A new phone case is always a solid gift because even if they don’t need a phone case, they might just want to try out a new look. I like cases that have a small lip around the edge so that if I drop my phone face-down, the screen doesn’t shatter. I know they also make cases that have room for your cards in the back, which is super awesome and means you don’t have to carry around a wallet!



My last suggestion for a gift to give your college student is the fygböx. The whole idea behind this brand is that it’s an elevated care package for college students. They curate cool items that you can’t find in regular stores. They’re based in Boulder, Colorado and a lot the times they even include products from smaller, Colorado-based businesses in their packages, which I think is really awesome.

Every fygböx is different, but it’s not a subscription service, which is also cool! For a lot of products like this, you put your credit card down and if you only want to buy one box, you have to remember to cancel your order before you get charged for a second one you didn’t want. While fygböx does offer discounts for purchasing multiple boxes in advance, you only have to buy one at a time.

If you're a parent wondering what you should get your college student for Christmas, check out the fygböx — an elevated care package. | BLOGMAS DAY 21: GIFT GUIDE — FROM PARENTS TO STUDENTS (FEAT. fygböx) | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

*Disclaimer: I received the fygböx for free from the company in exchange for writing about the product in this blog post. All opinions expressed are completely genuine and entirely my own.*

You can see the items I got in my fygböx in the picture above, but the items in the fygböx are newly curated every month, so you could order a new box every month and always get different products. The card propped up in the back has little descriptions of each of the products and why the company picked them for this fygböx.

In this box, all the products are really cool and interesting, but I’m probably most excited about the lotion. It’s a Colorado company and it smells just like a sweet potato pie. I’ve never wanted to eat lotion before, but this one smells so yummy it’s kind of insane. I put some on before bed last night and now it’s almost noon and I still smell like sweet potatoes. I also can’t wait to try out the face mask, as finals week is the perfect time for self care! Brendan is probably most excited that they included a Tile — it’s an RFID tracker that works with an app you download to your phone. Basically you attach it to your keys or wallet and it can help you track down something you’re always losing. He knows I almost never lose things so the Tile will probably end up going to him.

All in all, I was super impressed with my fygböx. It’s got a fun, quirky vibe and the products are ones I genuinely wouldn’t have found otherwise. It would make an especially great gift for college students who are adventurous and like to try new things and is great for parents who like the idea of care packages but don’t have the time to put one together or want to deal with the hassle of going to the post office to ship it. I would definitely recommend the fygböx to parents who want to add a little spice and adventure to their gift-giving.


{If you’re a parent, what are you planning on getting for your college student? If you’re a student, what are you asking your parents for this year? Leave me a comment down below!}