Blogmas Day 24: Tips for shifting yourself into a more positive mindset

The holiday season is often full of cheer and happiness, but what happens once the Christmas tree comes down and the snow turns to dirty slush? It’s easy to get down during the winter, but there are some steps you can take now to help shift yourself into a more positive mindset that can last all year!

I’m going to be writing a post about my goals for 2018, but I’ll give you a sneak preview: one of them is going to be about keeping my mindset in check and focusing more on positivity in the new year.


The holiday season is always full of cheer, but this #HBJblogmas post brings you tips for bringing that mindset into the new year and keeping it up long-term! | BLOGMAS DAY 24: TIPS FOR SHIFTING YOURSELF INTO A MORE POSITIVE MINDSET | HONEYBEE JOYOUS


When I was brainstorming for this post, I realized I’ve actually written a ton about some of the ways I think are effective for developing a positive mindset. I decided this would be the perfect opportunity to round up some of my posts on the topic in one convenient place.


Prioritize self care

Self care can be taking a bubble bath after a long day of studying for finals, but it can also be remembering to take a shower or going for a walk. Whatever self care ends up meaning for you, it’s crucial to make it a priority. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in all the responsibilities you have, but taking time for yourself helps to make sure you don’t get burnt out and end up down in the dumps.

10 easy ways to practice self care every day


Center gratitude

One of the best things I ever did for my mindset was start a gratitude journal. Starting and ending the day thinking about what I’m grateful for helps me not get too wrapped up in my own head. Centering gratitude in your life keeps things in perspective and allows you to have the bigger picture in mind. It always helps me not get so focused on the little things that could get me down because I’m thinking about everything I have going for me.

How to keep a gratitude journal + freebie

10 things in life to start appreciating + photos from my life


Develop and focus on clear goals

If you’re a regular Honeybee Joyous reader, you know I love setting and working toward goals. Life can feel aimless if you’re not working toward something and having clear, attainable goals is the best way to combat that. When you’re working toward a goal that matters to you, it’s way easier to be positive. When you can see yourself making progress, it’s incredibly satisfying and motivating.

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{What do you do to stay positive? What are some of your goals for 2018? Leave me a comment below and tell me!}