Blogmas Day 28: Places to shop for last minute gifts

Try as we might, it’s inevitable that every year, someone on our list falls through the cracks and we have to go out and buy a last minute Christmas gift. Maybe you ordered a great gift on Etsy but it’s shipping from Turkey and won’t be here in time. Maybe you just found out you could make it to a holiday party you thought you couldn’t attend and now you need a hostess gift. Whatever your struggle, keep reading for some ideas about where to shop for those last minute presents.


It's inevitable that somehow someone on your list will have slipped through the cracks. This post is all about ideas for where to find that last minute gift for your forgotten friend. | BLOGMAS DAY 28: PLACES TO SHOP FOR LAST MINUTE GIFTS | HONEYBEE JOYOUS


Amazon Prime

If you live on planet earth, you probably already know about the wonders of Amazon Prime. You can get just about anything you could imagine shipped to your house really quickly. This is the obvious answer for a lot of people’s last minute shopping this holiday season and if you have Prime, you should definitely take advantage of it.


The mall

The mall may sound like an obvious answer for where to shop, but I included it in this post because I think there are some important benefits that set malls apart from other options. Malls have a wide variety of stores all in one place. That means if you need to shop for multiple gifts or if you’re not sure what you’re getting someone, you don’t need to go all over town to do your shopping, It’s all right there and you can quickly bounce from store to store to get everything done quickly.



Not only do books make excellent gifts, but they also don’t go out of stock like iPhones or the latest video game. If you need a gift super close to Christmas, books are always a good option. I really like Carly’s post here suggesting some specific books to give as gifts and I know I always love receiving books!


Thrift stores

I think a lot of people overlook thrift stores when they’re Christmas shopping, but they are definitely places where you can find some pretty amazing things. While I love clothes shopping for myself at the thrift stores near my campus, I also love checking out the home decor and knick knacks sections. You might find a whole set of champagne flutes, a collectible hockey puck, a gorgeous picture frame, or who knows what. If you need a last minute gift but don’t mind spending a little while digging around, your local thrift store might be the perfect place to find a really unique gift.


{Do you have any last minute gifts to buy this year? Where’s your favorite place to Christmas shop? Tell me in the comments!}