Blogmas Day 29: Friday Favs No. 4

It’s that time of the week again! Time for Friday Favs No. 4. This week I’m sharing my favorite Christmas tradition, my favorite book, and my favorite way to get the news. Read Friday Favs No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 if you want even more!


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For Friday Favs No. 4, I'm sharing my favorite Christmas tradition, favorite book, and my favorite way to get the news. Get to know me a little better and share your favs with me in the comments! | BLOGMAS DAY 29: FRIDAY FAVS NO. 4 | HONEYBEE JOYOUS


Christmas tradition

My absolute favorite Christmas tradition is Christmas ornaments. My family takes our ornaments super seriously. We’ve got two full sized artificial trees and they are both full and getting fuller every year! My grandma gets me and my sisters each an ornament in a Hallmark ornament series every year. I get the “granddaughter” ones, one of my sisters gets these gorgeous bird ones, and my youngest sister gets these super fun snowman ones. We open these on Thanksgiving and it’s always so much fun to see what the next ornament in our series is.

My mom gets new ornaments for me and my sisters every year too. Somehow she’s always able to find the perfect ones and she always gets them to commemorate something important that happened in each of our lives that year. One year my youngest sister outgrew a really severe peanut allergy, so she got an ornament in the shape of a peanut. When I graduated high school I got a Mickey Mouse in a graduation cap. When I spent a summer in DC, I got a Washington DC ornament. I always love opening the ornament each year and seeing what my mom chose to commemorate.

This year, I decided to continue that tradition and my gifts for a bunch of people on my list (my parents, sisters, Brendan, and Brendan’s family) are all Christmas ornaments. I loved shopping for just the right ones. Some of them jumped right out at me and others I had to go looking for. I also decided to buy one when Brendan and I went to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens to commemorate the best date ever and our first Christmas together as a couple.

This is definitely a Christmas tradition I’ve appreciated more and more as I’ve gotten older and it was so much fun to get into it even more this year.



In my various #HBJblogmas posts I’ve been hinting at different goals I’m planning on setting for my New Year’s Resolution. Here’s another sneak peek. I want to spend more time reading for fun. I’ve got a post planned in a few days sharing some book recommendations, but I couldn’t resist sharing one in this Friday Favs post.

My favorite book ever is called The Book of Embraces and it’s by Eduardo Galeano. It was originally written in Spanish but I read it in English for my junior year IB English class in high school. I loved this book so much and it’s like nothing else I’ve ever read before. It’s a book of vignettes (somewhere between poems and short stories that are no longer than a page or two). The vignettes are all only loosely related but they all come together under the theme of “embraces,” whether they’re about love, friendship, personal growth, or finding allies in times of political strife.

It’s hard to explain why this book is so important to me, but my copy is filled with sticky tabs and every page has notes written all over it. It was one of those incredibly rare books where every single person in my class found something to love about it. There’s a vignette that speaks to everyone and that’s what makes this book so magical.

I recommend this book to everyone I know, but I’m not sure if anybody’s taken me up on that recommendation yet. I’d love it if you checked this book out and talked to me about it because seriously, it’s the best book I’ve ever read!



I’m going to round out this Friday Favs with my favorite way to get the news. 2017 was a year where if you unplugged for one day, you missed a ridiculous amount of news. It seems like things are changing faster than ever and the news can be hard to keep up with, even for people like me who love to talk politics and who love good journalism.

My favorite way to keep up with the news is through an app called NPR One. It’s available on the App Store and through Google Play and I love it because I love NPR. Over the summer, I would listen to NPR every morning and afternoon in the car on the way to and from work. At school though, I don’t drive, so I don’t really have a radio. NPR One lets you have access to NPR on your phone, as well as to tons of NPR podcasts, including some of my favorites like the NPR Politics Podcast and Code Switch.

I usually put the app on when I’m doing my makeup in the morning so I can get all caught up on the news and then I don’t have to spend time reading a ton of articles later on.


{What’s your favorite holiday tradition? What book do you always reach for? How do you get the news? What are some of your favs from this week? Let me know in the comments!}

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