Blogmas Day 35: Let me help you with your New Year’s resolutions

You probably already know I love setting, working toward, and achieving goals! That’s why I love celebrating the New Year! It’s so much fun and feels so good to work toward something important to you. My 2018 goals post is coming on New Year’s Day, but in the meantime, for #HBJblogmas Day 35, I’m going to help you with some of your New Year’s resolutions!

As of publishing this post, there are 65 blog posts on Honeybee Joyous. That’s a lot of content! I sorted through all of it and did a bit of a link roundup below. I’ve included some common New Year’s resolutions alongside some posts I think might help you achieve those goals.


Honeybee Joyous is full of posts giving advice on all kinds of topics. In this post, I've rounded up some of my favorites to help you follow through on your New Year's resolutions. | BLOGMAS DAY 35: LET ME HELP YOU WITH YOUR NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

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I want to set better goals

How to set awesome goals in 5 simple steps

How to follow up on your awesome goals

My goals for 21

My goal setting ebook (subscribe to my email list!)

Goal setting link roundup

3 things to think about before making New Year’s resolutions


I want to be more committed to school

How to use a planner: Tracking class assignments 

How to plan your schedule to maximize your productivity

How to choose the best major for you

How to make sure you’re on the right track with your major

How to respond when people ask, “What are you going to do with that?”

5 ways to be more successful in college

How to step back from the things you love — guilt free!


I want to be more organized

How I stay on top of my emails

7 reasons why I absolutely LOVE my “catch-all notebook”

How to use a planner: Tracking class assignments

A list of lists you NEED to keep in your planner

How to actually keep your dorm room clean + freebie

How to pack to make sure you don’t forget ANYTHING


I want to be more productive

How to plan your schedule to maximize your productivity

How to prioritize your life using the quadrant method

How to be productive when you have a spare hour


I want to be more positive

Tips for shifting yourself into a more positive mindset

5 happy habits to ensure a relaxing semester

How to keep a gratitude journal + freebie

How to beat the winter break blues

10 things in life to start appreciating + photos from my life


I want to find a job/internship

The essential guide to creating a fantastic resume

How to be confident in job interviews

10 great ways to make the most of your summer internship


I want to make more time for myself

10 easy ways to practice self care every day

How to practice self care over the holidays


I want to make time to read for fun

How to start reading for fun

Blogs I love to read


I want to listen to a wider variety of music

My all time favorite music for studying

What I’m listening to Wednesday: Songs for a rainy day

What I’m listening to Wednesday: My top songs of 2017

What I’m listening to Wednesday: Songs to play on repeat

What I’m listening to Wednesday: Girl Power


I want to exercise more

How to exercise when you hate the gym


I want to save money

How to save money in college

5 cheap things to do when you’re totally bored this summer


{What New Year’s resolutions are you planning on making this year? Did any of my blog posts help you? Leave me a comment and let me know!}

  • TheBlondeLifestyle

    This is such a good round up post! I haven’t seen anything else like it out there. So many articles for every type of resolution. I shall now read through every article under “I Want To Be More Positive”. That’s something I really want to work on this year!

    • I’m glad you found something through it! I hope you find some advice that helps you. I think being more positive is something just about everyone can work on. We all need more positivity in our lives!

  • This is a great roundup of very helpful posts! I’m still working on setting some of my goals for the next year.

  • Miss ALK

    Ah this is sooo great to share tips for accomplishing New Years’ resolutions! I love it!!

    xoxo A

  • These ideas are aboslutly great! I am obsessed with becoming more organized so the “being more commited to college” was great!

  • nice! I definitely want to exercise more in 2018 and save more money as well. Thanks for this roundup!

  • Azanique

    I have so many of the goals. I definitely need to get more organized and save more in 2018!

    -xo, Azanique |

  • Nichole

    I have a few big goals I’d like to hit. Mine are taking more time for myself and reading!

  • Okay, I LOVE this!! Definitely going to be reading though – um – ALL of these!

  • I definitely have some personal, blog, and career goals I want to hit this year— I need to work on getting them all down and getting my course of action figured out. Thanks for sharing all these!

  • Logan Elizabeth Abbott

    I LOVE this blog post, especially because you clearly have so much content that would help people achieve their resolutions so I love that you took the time to organize it! I’m definitely checking out your tips on sticking with a planner, I’m so bad about it but I’m determined to use one for the entire year this time!

    • Thank you so much!! I would totally be lost without my planner. There’s way too much going on in life for me to remember it all and having one specific place where I write it all down means I can stress way less because I don’t have to keep everything in my head!

  • Thanks for this huge list of resources! I’m definitely trying to be more organized this year, my house is always overflowing with mail I haven’t opened and things I never put away.

  • We are with you on some of these! More exercise, more time for reading, and definitely some more us time!