Blogmas Day 38: My word of the year and digital vision board for 2018

It’s New Year’s Eve! Yesterday on the blog I said goodbye to 2017 with my year in review post, but today I’m ready to say hello to 2018! This year I’m trying two new things to really focus myself for 2018. This year I’m setting a word of the year to guide myself and my decisions as well as creating a vision board and putting it everywhere to help me focus on my 2018 goals, which I’ll be sharing on the blog tomorrow.

{If you have a word of the year or have made a vision board, be sure to leave a comment down below and tell me about your experience!}


For 2018, I'm setting a word of the year and sharing my vision board for #HBJblogmas. I'm so excited for what the new year will bring! | BLOGMAS DAY 38: MY WORD OF THE YEAR AND DIGITAL VISION BOARD FOR 2018 | HONEYBEE JOYOUS


My word of the year

I’ve always been intrigued by the concept of setting a word of the year, but I’ve also always been intimidated by the project. Your word of the year is supposed to guide your thoughts, decisions, journaling, reflections, and more for the whole year. This year, in keeping with the word I’ve chosen, I’ve decided to go ahead and do it anyway, even though it scares me.




As you might remember from my year in review, 2017 was a year of growth from me. I want 2018 to be a year of growth too, but this year I want to be the driver of that growth instead of letting it sneak up on me. I want to reach out of my comfort zone as much as I can. I want to try new things. I want to have new adventures. I want to stretch myself and become better and achieve more.

If my word ends up not being exactly right for the year, there’s no harm done and I think it will help me get started on my goals. I know most people’s problem is sticking to their goals and resolutions, but my problem is usually starting. I love setting goals and once I dig into a project, I’m usually pretty good at actually doing it (like this blog). My problem is always the fear of starting something. Even small things are scary to start if you’re afraid of failing. This year, I’m going to really lean into it being my REACH year and try things even when they scare me. I think having this word will help me convince myself to start things and make sure I’m actually stepping out of my comfort zone.


My vision board

I always love reading people’s blog posts and watching YouTube videos about vision board, but I’ve never made one for myself. This year, in keeping with my REACH theme, I decided to try my hand at it and if it doesn’t work for me, no harm done!

A traditional vision board is a poster made with cutouts from magazines, but I don’t have many magazines laying around and I’m not trying to buy some just to cut them up. I decided I’d make a digital vision board and I was extremely inspired by this post from Rosana at her blog Definitely give it a read if you’re at all interested in making your own vision board.

I started out on Pinterest, using the same kind of format as Rosana. I created sections based on my goals for 2018. My favorite tip from Rosana was to use verbs instead of nouns for the section headers. Using verbs really gives a sense of actively achieving your goals, rather than just hoping they’ll come about somehow. It’s super motivating!

CREATE – blog  |  LEARN – school  |  SAVE – finance  |  BREATHE – health  |  LOVE – relationships  |  BOOST – personal

I then chose images that represent my goals within each of those categories. It was lots of fun to look through Pinterest to find images that I felt like perfectly represented my goals. It was also really freeing to realize that my choices didn’t have to make sense to anyone else as long as they were perfect for me — it’s my vision board after all!

This is where my process differs from Rosana’s. As I was working on my vision board, I realized that while I’m on Pinterest frequently, I don’t usually look through my own boards. I could see pretty easily that all the work I put into this vision board wouldn’t be worth it if I didn’t find a way to make it more visible to me. So, I decided to abandon Pinterest once I’d found all my images and turned to one of my favorite websites — Canva.

I screenshotted the little rows of images on Pinterest and uploaded them into Canva to make two versions of my vision board — one for my phone and one for my computer.

For 2018, I'm setting a word of the year and sharing my vision board for #HBJblogmas. I'm so excited for what the new year will bring! | BLOGMAS DAY 38: MY WORD OF THE YEAR AND DIGITAL VISION BOARD FOR 2018 | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

For 2018, I'm setting a word of the year and sharing my vision board for #HBJblogmas. I'm so excited for what the new year will bring! | BLOGMAS DAY 38: MY WORD OF THE YEAR AND DIGITAL VISION BOARD FOR 2018 | HONEYBEE JOYOUS


I set the phone version to my phone lock screen and the laptop version to my lock screen, desktop background, and new tab screen. I want to start the new year having my vision board everywhere because like I said, my problem is always actually starting to work on my goals. I’m hoping that having a visual reminder will keep me committed and excited about achieving my goals.

Be sure to check back tomorrow if you want to see what my goals for 2018 are!


{Do you have a word of the year? Have you ever made a vision board? Tell me about your experience in the comments! I read and respond to every single one.}


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  • This is awesome Emily! I’ve always wanted to create a vision board but just assumed that I had to do a lot of printing and cutting to make a physical copy. I love the digital one you’ve made because you can take it everywhere!

    My 2018 word of the year is me (post going up tomorrow)! I’m trying to focus on myself next year, and I’m hoping that by taking some “me time” every day, I’ll be more productive, confident, and happy!

    Hannah | the swirl

    • Hey Hannah thanks for reading! I’m definitely loving my vision board already. And that’s an awesome word of the year! I’m so bad at taking “me time” because I’m always on the go. It’s definitely something I’m working on in 2018 as well!

  • this is such a good idea! I usually have a “motivation board” in my room at university, but i may have to try this. I do a lot with adobe illustrator, so may even try a graphic design version 🙂 I wish you happiness for 2018 and hope it’s started positively x

    Bumble and Be

    • The year has definitely been off to a great start so far! Your idea sounds awesome and I bet it will turn out amazingly for you!