3 blogging “rules” I break and why

I don’t post a ton of content about blogging because, let’s be honest, there are enough blogs about blogging out there and that’s not what people come to honeybeejoyous.com for. However, I’ve been known to share a few insights into my blogging process (especially during #HBJblogmas) and this particular topic has been on my mind for a while.

There is no shortage of advice about how to run a successful and profitable blog out there on the web. Some of it is unique, but a lot of articles give the same pieces of advice. And like I do with all advice, I approach blogging advice with a take-it-or-leave-it attitude and a very large grain of salt. Best practices in the blogging world change literally all the time and advice is never one-size-fits-all.


There's TONS of advice about blogging out there, including some commonly believed "rules." But guess what, there's no reason you HAVE to follow these rules! Here are the ones I choose to break. | 3 BLOGGING "RULES" I BREAK AND WHY | HONEYBEE JOYOUS


I blog mostly for fun, but I’ve also been branching out more into sponsored content and have created and sold my own products through my blog before. That’s all to say that while I definitely consider tips for profitable blogs, making a ton of money isn’t really my blogging priority, so I don’t feel super tied to a lot of the advice people give that they say is the key to making money from your blog.

With all that being said, here are three of the most common blogging “rules” and why I break them. Some I break on purpose and others I just don’t worry about too much!


1. Have a plan

Okay so I know one of my big topics is planning and productivity and I’ve written about how to use a planner, the planner I’m currently using, my catch-all notebook system, keeping emails under control, to-do lists, and more. (All those posts are linked by the way!)

Even though I talk about having a plan a bunch on here, that doesn’t mean I totally have a plan for this blog. Blogging advice will often tell you the best way to run your blog is to plan your editorial calendar in advance, batch task, and have blog posts scheduled. Personally, this totally does not work for me at all. I’ve tried a lot of different methods, but as I wrote about during #HBJblogmas, I like to keep a very flexible blogging schedule through my system in Trello.

I’ve tried building out a more traditional blogging editorial calendar (Carly from carlytheprepster.com has a really cool system!) but it’s just never worked for me. I like to decide what I’m writing about a little more spontaneously so I can really write when I’m inspired and not worry too much about having to write a post on a specific day if I’m not feeling it. That being said, sometimes I do get rushes of inspiration and batch-write a bunch of blog posts that I can either store up to post when I’m feeling uninspired or just schedule in advance.

Either way, I don’t like being bound by the rule that I have to have a plan. I like to keep my blog a fun place for me and over-planning can take away some of that joy.


2. Stick to a posting schedule

This is an example of a rule I don’t necessarily break on purpose, but one I break because life comes first. This is often one of the rules people stress the most when giving blogging advice. I’m sure that posting frequently and consistently will help grow your blog and increase your pageviews; however, if posting five days a week doesn’t work for your life then there’s no reason to try!

I try to post once per week, but it doesn’t always work out, and I don’t beat myself up about it. It’s common advice to post multiple times every week. I personally think it’s far more worthwhile to post one awesome post each week than a mediocre post every day. I even had to take a pretty long hiatus last year, and it was definitely the right choice for me!


3. Find a specific niche

This is probably the number one piece of advice I encounter in the blogging world. However, this is a “rule” I break deliberately. When somebody asks me what I blog about, I usually say “I write about all kinds of topics related to productivity, college, positivity, and lifestyle.” That’s a much bigger and broader list of topics than most people would advise basing a blog around but it totally works for me!

I personally believe it’s way more important to find your voice than it is to find your niche. You can write as many blog posts on one specific theme as you want, but if you don’t have a unique voice, people aren’t going to stick around. If all someone wants is an informative article, they can read that on a company’s website or in a newspaper; if somebody is reading a lifestyle blog, it’s because they’re interested specifically in what the blogger has to say.

Your voice is SO much more important than your niche because if someone becomes invested in listening to you, they’ll hear what you have to say no matter what you’re saying. People who read Honeybee Joyous because they like the way I write and care about me as the person behind the blog. In the same vein, even if people would otherwise enjoy the type of content I’m writing about, if they find me annoying they’re not going to read my blog. And to be honest, that’s totally okay with me.

I write my blog as a creative outlet, but mostly in order to connect with my community. I don’t want to put on a fake voice or create a niche that doesn’t feel like home because that doesn’t help me build authentic connections.


{If you have a blog of your own, what blogging “rules” do you break and why? If you don’t have a blog, why do you read my blog? What do you look for when finding blogs to read? Tell me in the comments below! I read and respond to each and every one.}



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