It's inevitable that somehow someone on your list will have slipped through the cracks. This post is all about ideas for where to find that last minute gift for your forgotten friend. | BLOGMAS DAY 28: PLACES TO SHOP FOR LAST MINUTE GIFTS | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Blogmas Day 28: Places to shop for last minute gifts

Try as we might, it’s inevitable that every year, someone on our list falls through the cracks and we have to go out and buy a last minute Christmas gift. Maybe you ordered a great gift on Etsy but it’s shipping from Turkey and won’t be here in time. Maybe you just found out you could make it to a holiday party you thought you couldn’t attend and now you need a hostess gift. Whatever your struggle, keep reading for some ideas about where to shop for those last minute presents.     Amazon Prime If you live on planet…

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If you're a parent wondering what you should get your college student for Christmas, check out the fygböx — an elevated care package. | BLOGMAS DAY 21: GIFT GUIDE — FROM PARENTS TO STUDENTS (FEAT. fygböx) | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Blogmas Day 21: Gift guide — From parents to students (feat. fygböx)

On Honeybee Joyous, you can find all kinds of gift guides, including ideas for what to get your parents. Today, I’m bringing you the companion to that post — a gift guide full of suggestions for what parents can get for their college students. Whether it’s a gift card to the store that’s right across the street from their dorm or a fygböx in the mail, college students will be sure to love all of these gift ideas!       Gift card to a nearby store Chances are, there’s a store on or near campus that your college student is…

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I love knowing what other people want for Christmas, so I figured I'd share my Christmas wishlist as part of #HBJblogmas this year! | BLOGMAS DAY 14: MY CHRISTMAS WISHLIST | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Blogmas Day 14: My Christmas wishlist

I wasn’t originally going to do a Christmas wishlist post, but I just been loving reading other bloggers’ wishlists, so I decided to make a post of my own. Even though I’m usually not shopping for a gift for that particular blogger, I always find myself getting inspired by reading their wish list. If you’re looking for other posts to inspire your gift-giving efforts, check out my suggestions for white elephant gift exchanges, my ideas for what to get your parents, some tips for gift-giving on a budget, and my post on how to organize a Secret Santa. To find out what I’m…

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My favorite way to get gifts for my friends is through a Secret Santa. If you're looking to organize one with your friend group, I've got some suggestions! | BLOGMAS DAY 7: HOW TO ORGANIZE A SECRET SANTA | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Blogmas Day 7: How to organize a Secret Santa

So I’ve given you tips for white elephant gift exchanges, ideas for what to get your parents, and some budget gift ideas, but I haven’t talked about my favorite gift giving method around the holiday season: the Secret Santa. If you’re not familiar with it, in a Secret Santa gift exchange, everyone in the group is randomly assigned to another person, who they get a gift for. Who your “Santa” is (who bought the gift for you) is only revealed when you actually get the gift! The reason I love this gift exchange format so much is that it means…

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It's so hard to buy gifts for your parents. Never fear, today's Blogmas post is a gift guide full of ideas of gifts to give the most important people. | BLOGMAS DAY 3: GIFT GUIDE — WHAT TO GET YOUR PARENTS | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Blogmas Day 3: Gift guide — what to get for your parents

I think it’s a generally accepted fact that your parents are some of the most difficult people to buy gifts for. They often the most important people in your life (giving birth to and raising a child is no easy feat!). If you’re in college, most likely you’re still financially dependant on them. That means that you might want to give your mom the world, but you probably want to show that you’re financially responsible enough not to waste money on extravagant gifts. In this installment of my gift guide series, I’m trying to help you solve these problems by…

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Is your office, team, or family doing a white elephant gift exchange this year? Out of ideas? Look no further than this gift guide! | BLOGMAS DAY 2: WHITE ELEPHANT EXCHANGE GIFT GUIDE | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Blogmas Day 2: Gift guide — white elephant gift exchange

Here we are for day two of #HBJblogmas and today I’ve got a gift guide for y’all! Today’s post is all about ideas of what to bring to a white elephant gift exchange. If you’re not familiar, in a white elephant, everyone brings a gift to put in a common pool. Then, people draw numbers to determine the order people will pick gifts. Depending on the exact rules you’re playing by, people can swap gifts a certain number of times if they pull one they like less than a gift somebody else has. White elephants are a pretty fun type…

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