Taking care of yourself is so important when it comes to college life. These are 10 easy ways to incorporate self-care and happiness into your life.

10 easy ways to practice self care every day

“Self care” is something of a buzzword on the internet these days, and I’m sure you’ve heard it tossed around quite a bit. The exact definition isn’t the easiest to pin down, although the ever reliable source Wikipedia says it refers to “any necessary human regulatory function which is under individual control, deliberate and self-initiated.” To me, self care means exactly what it sounds like: taking care of yourself. Although what this entails obviously differs depending on individual needs, this quick list contains my top 10 favorite ways to practice self care. 1. Take a long shower I’m sure everyone is aware…

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Sitting down and setting awesome goals isn't enough. You also have to continue to follow up on your goals to make sure they're working for YOU.

How to follow up on your awesome goals

Remember when we set our awesome goals in 5 simple steps? It’s been a little over a month since then and I’d say it’s high time to follow up on those goals. I like to check in with the progress I’ve made on my goals at the end of each month. In today’s post, I’ll be walking you through my own goal check-in as an example and you can follow along using your own goals. If you want to know more about setting awesome goals that work for YOU, check out my FREE ebook: YOUR Awesome Goals. Click here to download.…

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College classes often come with a lot of assignments, but crafting a planner system that works for you can ensure that you never miss an assignment again.

How to use a planner: Tracking class assignments

It’s no secret that I LOVE my planner. I use it to keep track of just about everything, from my classes, to my job, to extracurriculars, to this blog. I learned a long time ago that I tend to remember things best if I write them down and color code them, so I’ve been using a physical planner since about fifth grade. In this post, I’ll be giving you a peek into my planner. More specifically, how I use my planner to keep track of my assignments and how to make sure that you never forget a single assignment for your…

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Setting goals you can actually achieve is easier said than done. Luckily, you only have to follow these 5 simple steps to set and achieve awesome goals.

How to set awesome goals in 5 simple steps

2016 is almost upon us! I hope everyone is having a very happy holiday season and a relaxing winter break. With the coming new year inevitably comes New Years Resolutions. If you’re anything like me, you set some lofty goals that you work toward in January and promptly forget come February. Today, I’m going to do my best to help you overcome your struggles with resolutions by sharing a simple 5 step process that I use to set and achieve my goals. Step 1: Make time and space to set your goals This was almost a 4 step process but…

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