2017 was a year of immense personal growth for me. Relive my year with my for #HBJblogmas Day 37 and tell me what you did this year. | BLOGMAS DAY 37: 2017 — MY YEAR IN REVIEW | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Blogmas Day 37: 2017 — My year in review

This post has been so much fun to pull together. The week between Christmas and New Year’s is always one of my favorite times of year because it’s a time filled with reflection on the past and planning for the future. I loved going through all the pictures on my camera roll and my Snapchat memories to decide what I wanted to write about for my year in review because this was such a special year for me. I’ll be going into a lot more detail below, but to summarize, my theme for this year ended up being growth. I learned so much…

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In this installment of Friday Favs, I'm sharing my fav Christmas present, fav blog post I've read this week, and fav new lipstick! | BLOGMAS DAY 36: FRIDAY FAVS NO. 5 | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Blogmas Day 36: Friday Favs No. 5

It’s Friday and it’s still #HBJblogmas so you know what that means — Friday Favs! This week I’m sharing my favs in the categories of fav new lipstick, fav Christmas present, and fav blog post I read this week. If you haven’t yet, be sure to read Friday Favs No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, and No. 4.-9 I’ve been absolutely loving doing this Friday Favs series for #HBJblogmas and I might even continue it after my blogmas adventure ends, although it might turn into a monthly favorites series. Let me know in the comments if you want to see…

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Honeybee Joyous is full of posts giving advice on all kinds of topics. In this post, I've rounded up some of my favorites to help you follow through on your New Year's resolutions. | BLOGMAS DAY 35: LET ME HELP YOU WITH YOUR NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Blogmas Day 35: Let me help you with your New Year’s resolutions

You probably already know I love setting, working toward, and achieving goals! That’s why I love celebrating the New Year! It’s so much fun and feels so good to work toward something important to you. My 2018 goals post is coming on New Year’s Day, but in the meantime, for #HBJblogmas Day 35, I’m going to help you with some of your New Year’s resolutions! As of publishing this post, there are 65 blog posts on Honeybee Joyous. That’s a lot of content! I sorted through all of it and did a bit of a link roundup below. I’ve included…

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For #HBJblogmas Day 34's installment of "What I'm listening to Wednesday" I'm sharing my Girl Power playlist, full of jams by awesome female musicians that will get you pumped. | BLOGMAS DAY 34: WHAT I'M LISTENING TO WEDNESDAY — GIRL POWER PLAYLIST | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Blogmas Day 34: What I’m listening to Wednesday — Girl Power playlist

I’ve loved doing the “What I’m listening to Wednesday” series for #HBJblogmas. This will be my last installment of the series and today I’m sharing my “Girl Power” Spotify playlist with y’all! If you want to catch up on the other posts in the series, I’ll link them below. Leave me a comment on this post and tell me which playlist was your favorite to listen to! Songs for a rainy day Christmas playlist Top songs of 2017 Songs to play on repeat     I shared my Girl Power playlist with my residents last year and they loved it,…

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The time is coming to make New Year's resolutions! In this post, I'm running down 3 things I think it's important to think about before making your 2018 resolutions. | BLOGMAS DAY 33: 3 THINGS TO THINK ABOUT BEFORE MAKING NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Blogmas Day 33: 3 things to think about before making New Year’s resolutions

If you were celebrating, I hope your Christmas was absolutely magical! Now Christmas Day has come and gone but that doesn’t mean #HBJblogmas is over. I’m keeping this project going until the 12th day of Christmas on January 6th! In today’s post, I’m starting my 2018 preparations by sharing with you three things I think are important to think through before making your New Year’s resolutions. I’ll be doing a post in a few days with my resolutions and goals all laid out in detail, but if you can’t wait until then, I’ve got some resolutions-related resources I’ll link below…

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I participated in the Blogger Secret Santa this year and it was amazing! See who my Secret Santa was and what I got in this blog post. | BLOGMAS DAY 32: BLOGGER SECRET SANTA REVEAL | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Blogmas Day 32: Blogger Secret Santa Reveal!

A while ago, I wrote a post for #HBJblogmas about how to organize a Secret Santa. In that post, I said I was part of five Secret Santas this year, including two with fellow bloggers. Yesterday, I revealed my Bookish Secret Santa along with some tips on how to start reading for fun, but today I’m revealing my Blogger Secret Santa and what I got in that exchange! The Blogger Secret Santa gift exchange was hosted by Abigail from Living the Gray Life and Cathleen from Classy Cathleen and it was an absolute blast! Be sure to check out Abigail’s…

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One of my 2018 New Year's Resolutions is to start making the time for reading for fun. In this post I share some tips for how to do that, book recommendations, and my Bookish Secret Santa reveal! | BLOGMAS DAY 31: HOW TO START READING FOR FUN + BOOKISH SECRET SANTA REVEAL | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Blogmas Day 31: How to start reading for fun

I’m going to do a full post on my 2018 New Year’s Resolutions, but one of the goals I really want to focus on is making more time for reading for fun. When I was in elementary and middle school reading for fun was my absolute favorite pastime. I used to keep a book in at school, a book in my house, and a book in the car and read wherever I was. Once school started becoming more challenging — and especially now that I’m an English major in college, reading tons of novels for class — reading for fun started to…

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Christmas is so soon and I've been listening to Christmas music like crazy! In this post I run through my definitive ranking of all my favorite Christmas songs. | BLOGMAS DAY 30: THE DEFINITIVE RANKING OF MY FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONGS | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Blogmas Day 30: The definitive ranking of my favorite Christmas songs

I can’t believe Christmas is so soon! I’ve been listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas movies basically nonstop for the past month. A few weeks ago, I shared my Spotify Christmas playlist on the blog, but today I’m sharing my definitive ranking of my top 10 favorite Christmas songs. Disclaimer: I’m calling it my definitive ranking somewhat jokingly because my ranking changes all the time! Be sure to leave a comment down below with some of your favorite Christmas songs.     10. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Michael Bublé   9. Silent Night – any live performance…

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For Friday Favs No. 4, I'm sharing my favorite Christmas tradition, favorite book, and my favorite way to get the news. Get to know me a little better and share your favs with me in the comments! | BLOGMAS DAY 29: FRIDAY FAVS NO. 4 | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Blogmas Day 29: Friday Favs No. 4

It’s that time of the week again! Time for Friday Favs No. 4. This week I’m sharing my favorite Christmas tradition, my favorite book, and my favorite way to get the news. Read Friday Favs No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 if you want even more!   *Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which allow me to earn a small commission off your purchases at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting Honeybee Joyous!*     Christmas tradition My absolute favorite Christmas tradition is Christmas ornaments. My family takes our ornaments super seriously. We’ve got two full sized artificial trees…

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It's inevitable that somehow someone on your list will have slipped through the cracks. This post is all about ideas for where to find that last minute gift for your forgotten friend. | BLOGMAS DAY 28: PLACES TO SHOP FOR LAST MINUTE GIFTS | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Blogmas Day 28: Places to shop for last minute gifts

Try as we might, it’s inevitable that every year, someone on our list falls through the cracks and we have to go out and buy a last minute Christmas gift. Maybe you ordered a great gift on Etsy but it’s shipping from Turkey and won’t be here in time. Maybe you just found out you could make it to a holiday party you thought you couldn’t attend and now you need a hostess gift. Whatever your struggle, keep reading for some ideas about where to shop for those last minute presents.     Amazon Prime If you live on planet…

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