How to actually keep your dorm room clean + freebie

Last semester, I admittedly did a terrible job keeping my dorm room clean. I cleaned whenever I felt like it (so obviously not that often) and I kept letting things get crazy messy. However, a dirty or messy room tends to stress me out and college is already stressful enough without worrying about living in a messy environment as well. So, this semester, I’m trying to devote more time to cleaning so that I can devote less time to stressing out. Here are the 3 steps I’m taking this semester to actually keep my dorm room clean.

Frustrated by the mess that is your dorm room? Me too. These 3 steps + free downloadable cleaning schedule will help you actually keep your dorm room clean. | HOW TO ACTUALLY KEEP YOUR DORM ROOM CLEAN | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

1. Create a cleaning schedule

Cleaning whenever I was “in the mood” to was clearly not cutting it, so I decided to make myself a cleaning schedule. Now, this can be as simple as a handwritten list scribbled on a sheet of notebook paper that you tack up on your bulletin board or keep on your desk, but I’m far more likely to look at something if it’s pretty. So, I created a really simple cleaning schedule using Canva, a free design website that is crazy easy to use and produces beautiful results. Don’t forget, you want to make sure your cleaning schedule actually works with your “life” schedule (your classes and extracurriculars). For example, I work on our school newspaper and I know we’re always in the office until LATE on Monday nights, so I picked an easy cleaning activity for Monday.

Click here if you want to see my cleaning schedule, or you want to download and print it to try it out for your own needs.

Click here if you want to use my schedule as an editable template to make your own cleaning schedule on Canva.

Frustrated by the mess that is your dorm room? Me too. These 3 steps + free downloadable cleaning schedule will help you actually keep your dorm room clean.

2. Stick to it

One of the things I tend to have the most trouble with is sticking to the schedules I make for myself. I’ve been working hard to get myself to stick to my big picture goals (I wrote a whole blog post about that!) but it’s important to stick to the little stuff too. I’m going to print my cleaning schedule out, slide it into a page protector, and tape it onto my closet door. The page protector acts as a makeshift dry erase system so I can check off the cleaning activities once I do them, to make sure I’m really doing what I set out to do.

3. Team up

Let’s be honest, everything is more fun with friends. If you live with roommates (which you probably do), talk to them about your newfound commitment to keeping your dorm room clean. You could make a cleaning schedule together or each make your own that complements each other’s. Whether you agree to take turns cleaning the bathroom each week or agree to have a laundry party every weekend, it’s always better to have a teammate when it comes to caring for your shared living space.

I want to hear from you! What kind of cleaning routine works best for you? How do you and your roommate(s) manage the responsibility of cleaning shared spaces?

4 thoughts on “How to actually keep your dorm room clean + freebie

    1. I’m hoping to stick to it better this year. I often have trouble prioritizing tidiness in my life when it’s so much easier to just come home and throw everything onto “the chair.” I’m going to try to make an effort right off the bat this year though so I can hopefully start out on the right foot.

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