Blogmas Day 10: My favorite YouTube channels

Who doesn’t love watching YouTube videos? Whether you’re trying to learn how to contour your face, put an outfit together, or just peek into someone else’s life, there’s tons of channels and millions of videos out there to look at. Today, I figured I’d run through some of my favorite channels for y’all, in case you’re looking for somebody new to check out!


YouTube is an awesome website for fashion advice, makeup tutorials, and more. Today I've got some of my favorite channels for you to check out! | BLOGMAS DAY 10: MY FAVORITE YOUTUBE CHANNELS | HONEYBEE JOYOUS





Jenn is a bubbly personality and has such a unique sense of style and positive viewpoint on her channel. Her lookbooks always give me inspiration and her videos are fun to watch because you can really tell she loves making them.


Justine Leconte

Justine is one of my favorite fashion YouTubers because of her approach. She is incredibly body positive and never tells people they shouldn’t wear things because of their body shape. She gives really practical advice with easy to understand examples and she really takes her subscribers’ comments into account when making videos.





Aly Art

Alyona is by far my favorite YouTube beauty guru. She approaches things from the perspective of science and color theory. She’s very positive and affirming, so when she tells you how to contour your face, it’s not coming from a place of “this looks the best,” but rather from a place of “if you want to achieve this effect, do this.” In almost every video, she emphasizes that what makes people beautiful is their uniqueness. I especially loved her body types series; it really got me thinking! She’s very approachable, keeps things informative and concise, and you can tell she knows her stuff.

Not only is Alyona amazing at makeup, but she’s also got a second channel where she shows off her amazing skills as a singer! She’s also incredibly talented at drawing. Overall, she’s super impressive and I’d definitely recommend subscribing.


Lilith Moon

Lilith was one of the first people I ever followed on YouTube. In high school, I kept my hair long for dance, so I always was looking for new updos to hide my unhealthy, scraggly ends. Lilith is great at explaining the step-by-step processes of even the most basic hairstyles. Her natural hair is a lot like mine — super straight and super thing — but she does a lot of her hair tutorials with extensions in, so they definitely work for all types of hair!


Valeria Lipovetsky

Her videos are really funny, but also full of practical makeup and fitness tips. I just can’t get over the fact that she’s nearly 30 and has two kids — she looks about 16!





Alexis aka Miss Trenchcoat

Like me, Alexis went to a public college in Virginia, so I already felt a special tie to her. Also like me, she’s obsessed with her planner and with productivity, She’s the absolute definition of a Boss Babe and I love watching her videos about planning, productivity, and side hustles. If you’re a blogger or a planner obsessed gal, you should definitely give her a look!


Mariana’s Study Corner

I was newly introduced to Mariana’s channel, but it’s right up my alley! If you love my college content, you should definitely check out her channel. She not only makes videos about study tips, but she’s also got some great, detailed overviews of the setup of her binders and planners.



So Brittany makes all sorts of videos — including beauty as her channel’s name would imply — but the ones I love the most are her productivity videos. She’s a new mom and a busy lady, so she has mastered the art of the 10 second tidy. She’s got all kinds of organization videos and tips for how to clean your room in a rush. Be sure to stay until the end of her videos because her husband Ryan always makes an appearance for a funny end scene.





Ask A Mortician

This channel is definitely not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s one I’ve been following for a very long time. Caitlin’s mission is to put humanity more at peace with death and she makes videos about all kinds of topics, from legendary corpses to questions you’ve always wondered about death but were never brave enough to actually ask. Her videos are really funny and informative; if you’re looking for something new and refreshing, definitely check her out.


Bright Sun Films

I’ve been following Jake on YouTube for quite some time, which is awesome because I’ve been able to see his video quality improve a million times over. His most notable videos are about abandoned amusement parks, hotels, and malls. It might not be a topic you’d think you’re interested in, but I challenge you to watch some of his videos and you might be surprised! I’d especially recommend his video about the abandoned hotel in Florida where George W. Bush woke up on the morning of 9/11 (long video but SO worth it) and his video about the Disney theme park they almost built in my home town!


Jon Bois

Brendan introduced me to Jon Bois when the incredible web story 17776 came out over the summer. Since then, I’ve gotten really into his videos. Jon works for SB Nation and so his videos are very sports focused, but even a newbie sports fan like me finds them interesting. I especially love his series “Pretty Good” where he highlights smaller, often overlooked stories from the sports world. To get you started, I’d recommend his video on the 1904 St. Louis Olympic Marathon. It’s a wild ride.



Last but certainly not least, this list wouldn’t be complete without the mention of one of my favorite people on YouTube. Marina makes awesome videos all about topics in feminism. She’s funny, knowledgeable, and highly attuned to pop culture. Stumbling upon her channel a couple of years ago was awesome and I always look forward to her new videos!



{Do you watch any of the same YouTubers as me? Do you have any you think I’d like? Leave me a comment down below!}

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