Blogmas Day 39: My goals for 2018

Happy New Year! I hope you have big plans for 2018 because I know I do! A couple days ago I posted my 2017 year in review, yesterday I shared my 2018 vision board and why my word of the year is REACH, and today I’m sharing my goals for the new year!

Keep reading to find out what my goals are for 2018 and be sure to leave me a comment with some of your goals for the new year.


Happy New Year! It's the first day of 2018 and you know what that means — goal setting time! For #HBJblogmas Day 39, I'm running down my goals for 2018. | BLOGMAS DAY 39: MY GOALS FOR 2018 | HONEYBEE JOYOUS


Y’all I LOVE setting goals. I’ve got my method narrowed down pretty well, so if you’re interested in how I developed this goals and how I plan to put them into action, be sure to check out my other goal setting posts here, here, here, and sign up for my email newsletter to get access to my free little ebook all about how to set and stick to your awesome goals!


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I made goals in six different categories and used verbs to represent those categories. I decided to use verbs for my category headings because I think it will help me remember that achieving my goals takes purposeful action toward them. These goals also laid the foundation for creating my 2018 vision board.

I’m excited to get to work on these goals because WOW I can already tell this is going to be a great year!



Blogging goals

  • Devote time every day specifically to working on blog-related tasks
    • Schedule it in like a class and don’t double book that time!
  • Start earning money
    • Affiliate programs, sponsored posts, original paid content
  • Develop a social media schedule and stick to it!
  • Introduce at least two new free content upgrades
  • Grow Instagram following to 1K
  • Grow email list to 200



School goals

  • Don’t skip class unless I’m sick
  • Stay on top of readings and assignments
  • Make the Dean’s List next semester and get good grades in grad school



Finance goals

  • Find a financial tracker and actually use it
    • Set savings goals once I’ve assessed how much I’m making and spending
  • Make more money than I spend every month
  • Save up enough to buy a new phone



Health goals

  • Do at least one healthy thing every single day
    • It can be eating a healthy meal, exercising, going to bed early, choosing fruit over chips, etc.
  • Drink a bottle of water every day



Relationship goals

  • Go on at least one “real date” with Brendan per month
  • Spend quality one on one time with at least three friends per month (and Bren doesn’t count!)



Personal goals

  • Create and stick to morning and night routines
    • Include skincare, reading, journaling, gratitude journal, unplugging
  • Start habit tracking
  • Read 24 books
  • Take more photos!
    • At least one photo or video per day



{What are your goals for 2018? Tell me in the comments below! I read and respond to every single comment.}


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Get my FREE goal setting ebook!

Sign up for my email newsletter to automatically receive access to my FREE goal setting ebook YOUR Awesome Goals: How to set, stick to, and achieve goals that work for YOU.

36 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 39: My goals for 2018

  1. I love this post! I don’t think I would be able to work in addition to blogging if I wasn’t organized enough to set goals. Cheers to 2018!

    1. I like to break them into categories because it makes them feel more achievable! If I’ve just got a list of a billion goals it’s really hard to know where to start, but if I’m working with 2-5 goals per category, it’s a lot easier to get going!

  2. Definitely agree that breaking things down by category makes everything easier. I love reading other people’s goals for blogging — it gets me so excited for the new year!

  3. “Don’t skip class unless I’m sick” made me laugh because I’m notorious for skipping class to just sit around my room or go get food (whoops!). I’ve started to write down every class every day in my agenda, so I get to cross it off when I go. If you’re looking to save a little extra money every month, I use Qapital ( to round up my debit/credit card purchases to the nearest dollar and save the change. It only took me 5 or so months to reach $200! All of these are great goals, and I wish you the best in 2018!

    Hannah | the swirl

    1. I’m normally okay at going to class but sometimes it just feels like there’s more productive
      or interesting things to do than be in class and I’m reeeeally trying to get out of that habit! And I DEFINITELY need to check out Qapital that sounds awesome!

  4. I’m so so so in love with how you set up your goals! I think I may do something similar to help me stay motivated and organized.I honestly need to put drink a bottle of water everyday because or else I just won’t drink any water. It’s a bit ridiculous, but it’s because I drink so much coffee haha!

    1. haha same here I’m soooo bad at staying hydrated. It’s on my list every year but this year I decided I’m going to buy myself a nice water bottle, fill it up at the beginning of the day, and make sure it’s empty by the time I go to bed!

  5. So many great goals! I share many of your blogging goals! Thats why I love blogging because it gives me a reason to make measurable goals!

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