Blogmas Day 41: Why Trello is the only program I use to plan my blogging calendar

Normally, you’d have to pry my paper planners from my cold, dead hands, but when it comes to my blog, I’m all about digital planning tools and my absolute favorite digital planning tool is one called Trello. My college newspaper tried to start using the program one year for assigning stories but none of us could really figure it out and we already had a system that worked well, so it didn’t stick and I pretty much forgot about it.

But then, I read this post from my friend Samantha over at As Life Grows and I totally changed my mind about Trello. I spent some time with it, set it up, and now it’s a program I absolutely swear by and is the only thing that keeps my blogging calendar organized. Keep reading to find out why I love it!


Normally, you'd have to pry my paper planners from my cold, dead hands, but when it comes to my blog, I'm all about digital planning tools and my absolute fav is Trello. | BLOGMAS DAY 41: WHY TRELLO IS THE ONLY PROGRAM I USE TO PLAN MY BLOGGING CALENDAR | HONEYBEE JOYOUS


I think Samantha’s post does an amazing job breaking down the details of Trello — all the cards, boards, and other little quirks. I don’t want to rehash everything she’s already said (much more concisely than I’d be able to), so I’d recommend reading her post here if you’re interested in knowing more of the details about how Trello works.

I just want to talk about why this paper planner lover is addicted to this digital planning tool for my blog!


Flexibility (or in other words, fear of commitment)

The main reason I’ve decided not to use a paper planner for my blog is for the flexibility a digital tool provides. In my personal and academic life, a paper planner is perfect because my commitments don’t change all that much. A meeting might change time or location or a paper might have the due date changed, but those are easily fixed with some whiteout or just by crossing the old info out. My planner is a functional, working system, so I don’t mind if it gets a little messy — life is messy!

Even so, my plans for my blog change a lot more frequently than my class assignments do! I might finalize a collaboration with a brand and have to post it on a specific day I already had plans for, I might get a great idea for a blog post that’s time sensitive (for example, if it’s about finals week, I’d want to post it around that time), or I might just not feel like writing the post I had planned once I get to a certain day. Blogging is something I do because I love it and if I’m ever not loving it, that means I have to change something. Giving myself the freedom to move my schedule around is a big part of making sure blogging stays fun and doesn’t become a chore and digital planning makes that way easier than a paper planner would.



Another great thing about Trello is that there’s soooo much you can do to customize and organize your boards, cards, and topics. You can add all kinds of labels, checklists, links, and due dates, not to mention moving cards to whatever list you like. I’ve got a great color coding system for my classes, jobs, and extracurriculars in my planner, but there aren’t enough colors in the world of highlighters to keep all my blog post ideas organized as well. I like having my blogging calendar in a separate location, under a separate, highly-customizable location so I can keep everything straight.



The final reason I love using Trello to plan my blog’s calendar is that it makes planning my content incredibly simple. I used to have a page in a notebook for blog post ideas and then I’d fill them into my planner, but that quickly got super cluttered and it was so hard to figure out what kinds of ideas I was even working with. In Trello, I can sort my post ideas into topics and then once I know when I want them to go up, I drag them into another list. Once they’re scheduled, they go into still another list, and then once publication and social sharing is complete, they live forever in my “completed” list. The fact that I can just drag the same card around is super helpful because it means I don’t have a clutter of blog post ideas where the same post is accounted for in multiple places. Instead, my system is simple and I always know where in the process a post is.


I’ve got some more planner content coming down the pipeline, but if you want to know more about how I plan you can read a (old but mostly accurate) post about how I keep track of my academic assignments here and a post about my patent-pending (just kidding) catch-all notebook here.

{If you have a blog, what do you use to plan your editorial calendar? Are you a paper planner or digital planner? Let me know in the comments! I read and respond to every single one.}


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10 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 41: Why Trello is the only program I use to plan my blogging calendar

  1. These are fair points. I actually happen to really love my paper bullet journal because it’s completely customizable for me and I find I am better able to hold myself accountable when I physically write things down vs when I type things up.
    That said, if Trello is what works for you, go for it! It’s always a great feeling when you find an organizing system that fits your needs!

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