Blogmas Day 42: 3 things to do to prepare for a new semester

Winter break is almost over and that means it’s almost time for spring semester to start! I’m so pumped to start the new semester because it’s my last semester of my undergraduate education, which is exciting but a little scary to think about. Last semester I worked really hard and ended up with the best grades I’ve ever gotten so far in college (including A’s in both of my education classes!) and this semester I want to do just as well, if not better. In order to do that, I’ve got to go into the new semester with a plan and with goals. I’ve already got my goals for 2018 and my vision board and word of the year figured out, so now it’s time to buckle down and figure out how to translate those dreams into practical action for the school year.

In this post, I’m running down three things you should be doing to make sure you start the new semester out with your best foot forward. Keep reading to find out my tips and be sure to leave yours in the comments!


Winter break is almost over and that means it's time to start thinking about new classes and how to keep up your new year's resolutions in the new semester. | BLOGMAS DAY 42: 3 THINGS TO DO TO PREPARE FOR A NEW SEMESTER | HONEYBEE JOYOUS


1. Clean out your backpack and your desk

This is one that I usually like to do before I even go home for winter break, but in the rush of excitement about the holiday season, it’s easy to do a shoddy job or forget to do this entirely. Nobody wants to start new classes with a backpack full of papers and candy wrappers from the last semester. Clean out your whole backpack (vacuum up those crumbs!) and clean up your desk too. You might be totally intending to do your first week’s homework right away, but if you get back to your room and your workspace is a mess, it’ll be hard to motivate yourself to get your homework done and you won’t be building your good habits. If your backpack and desk are cleaned up before you have all kinds of other commitments, you’re going to feel like you’re starting fresh and you’re much more likely to start working on your goals!


2. Do your laundry

Listen, I hate all chores, but laundry might be my most hated. I’m infamous with my friends for never doing laundry (my secret is I own waaay more underwear than anyone actually needs). BUT, I always make sure to do all my laundry before the new semester starts. Like my first tip, this one is all about wanting to start fresh. It’s pretty impossible to feel like you’re getting a fresh start if your hamper is already full of dirty clothes before classes even start. Do all your laundry and you’ll feel super productive and have the bonus benefit of being able to choose absolutely anything you want to wear for the first day of class!


3. Sit down with a pen and paper

Stick with me here. You probably know I’m big into planning (read about my planning methods here, here, and here) and goal setting (here, here, here, here, herehere, here, and here). I think that before the new semester starts, it’s incredibly important to make a plan and set realistic goals for yourself. Since we’re still in the first week of the New Year, I’m guessing you probably have a New Year’s resolution or two. That’s awesome, but I know I often have difficulty translating my New Year’s resolution practices from winter break to the new semester. You might have plenty of time to work out or read for fun over break, but once classes start, it can be hard to find the time. You can mitigate that by anticipating it and sitting down with a pen and paper to make a plan for how you’ll adapt your practices to the start of the new semester. That plan will be different for every individual, but it’s absolutely crucial you think through your goals and make an honest, achievable plan for yourself.


{What’s your favorite way to prepare for a new semester? How are you going to keep up with your new year’s resolutions when you go back to school? Let me know in the comments! I respond to every single one of them.}


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