Blogmas Day 44: Reflections on 44 days of #HBJblogmas

It’s January 6th! The Epiphany! Three Kings Day! The day the magi came to visit the baby Jesus! The 12th day of Christmas! And that means it’s the 44th (and last) day of #HBJblogmas.

This was a project unlike any other I’ve ever taken on and I’m so happy to report that I was successful! I hope you’ll enjoy this recap and tell me in the comments below what your favorite #HBJblogmas post was.


#HBJblogmas was 44 days of SO. MUCH. FUN! Recap it with me in this reflections post, the last day of my 44-day posting extravaganza! | BLOGMAS DAY 44: REFLECTIONS ON 44 DAYS OF #HBJBLOGMAS | HONEYBEE JOYOUS


When I re-launched Honeybee Joyous back in July, I knew I wanted to really commit to blogging now that I was back from hiatus. When the holiday season started approaching, I realized there was no better way to do that than to challenge myself to do Blogmas. Blogmas is usually a post every day in the month of December leading up to Christmas, but I decided I wanted to do more than that. (This was a decision made in a late night procrastination session in the library, so honestly pretty amazed I stuck to it.) I decided to post every single day during the time I personally consider the Christmas season, which means Black Friday all the way through today, the Epiphany.

There were a couple of times I didn’t post for a few days, whether it was because of finals or because of having too much fun, but I always got myself back on track and managed to crank out three posts in a day to catch up. I’m really proud of how hard I worked on this project and I’m so happy I managed to connect with lots of other bloggers and new readers through this ridiculous 44-day extravaganza here on Honeybee Joyous.

You can find all 44 days of #HBJblogmas right here if you want to browse through or read them in posting order, but for this reflection post I wanted to recap by category rather than by day. Let me know down in the comments what kind of content you’d like to see on the blog now that #HBJblogmas is over and I’m planning out the coming months in my blogging calendar!


New series

If you want any of these to continue now that #HBJblogmas is over, leave me a comment and tell me!


Monday Motivation

FREE White Christmas desktop wallpaper

Kindness Challenge

Videos to inspire you

Goal setting link roundup


What I’m listening to Wednesday

“Songs for a rainy day” playlist

Christmas playlist

My top songs of 2017

“Songs to play on repeat” playlist

“Girl Power” playlist


Friday Favs

No. 1 (moisturizer, long sleeved tee, Twitter account)

No. 2 (hair product, YouTube channel, life events)

No. 3 (movie, band, YouTube)

No. 4 (Christmas tradition, book, news app)

No. 5 (lipstick, Christmas present, recent blog post)

No. 6 (song of the moment, holy grail mascara, pampering myself)


Holiday posts

Announcing … Blogmas!

Gift guide: White elephant gift exchange

Gift guide: What to get for your parents

How to organize a Secret Santa

My Christmas wishlist

Gift guide: From parents to students (feat. fygbox)

How to practice self care over the holidays

Places to shop for last minute gifts

The “definitive” ranking of my favorite Christmas songs

Blogger Secret Santa reveal!


Personal posts

My favorite YouTube channels

What’s in my makeup bag?

Blogs I love to read

2017: My year in review


Productivity posts

How to be productive when you have a spare hour

How I stay on top of my emails

Tips for shifting yourself into a more positive mindset

Why Trello is the only program I use to plan my blogging calendar


College posts

Finals week: 5 ways to destress with your friends

How to beat the winter break blues

How to respond when people ask, “What are you going to do with that?”

3 things to do to prepare for a new semester


Goal setting posts

How to start reading for fun + book recommendations

3 things to think about before making New Year’s resolutions

Let me help you with your New Year’s resolutions

My word of the year and digital vision board for 2018

My goals for 2018

How to create a habit tracker to help you achieve your goals + free template!


This project was a ton of work, but I think it was so worth it! It really helped me enjoy working on the blog and gave me motivation to blog even when I was busy with life. It was so amazing to have people comment on my posts, share them, and send me feedback about what they wanted to see. I talked to brands, built relationships with other bloggers, and grew my following on every platform.

This was definitely the best 44 days my blog has ever had and I’m so excited to keep growing and providing you guys with amazing content now that I’ll be going back to my weekly posting schedule (new posts every Sunday!).


{What did you think of #HBJblogmas? Did you have a favorite post? Tell me in the comments down below! I read and respond to each and every one of them.}


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  1. Oh, this is so amazing! What a great list you put together and kudos for you for sticking through with blogmas, and for so much extra time too!!!

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