Why you should be doing a monthly review + free template

Around the end of each month, you usually start seeing your favorite influencers posting videos and blog posts about their monthly favorites, recaps of what they’ve been up to the past month, and sometimes goals for the month ahead. I’m a big fan of seizing any opportunity to get a fresh start, so I’m all about turning over a new lead each month.

The way I like to get a fresh start at the beginning of the new month is to do a monthly review in my planner or catch-all notebook. In this blog post, I’ll share a little about how I do my own monthly review, why I recommend you do one, and even a free template for you to get started!



Doing a monthly review helps me feel in control of my life, keep track of my finances, and stay sane. This post will show you why and give you a FREE template to use to do your own! | WHY YOU SHOULD BE DOING A MONTHLY REVIEW + FREE TEMPLATE | HONEYBEE JOYOUS



I find it really helpful to track certain things from month to month, particularly finances and blog stats. I find that evaluating these kinds of things at the end of each month helps me keep those ~adulting~ things in perspective and helps me hold myself accountable.

You can track the things that are most helpful to you, but I definitely recommend a monthly review of your finances. I like to total up the amount of money I made and compare it to the total amount of money that I spent. Ideally, the “money made” category will be significantly higher than the “money spent” category.

I also like to track my checking and savings account balances each month. Having these stats written down monthly helps me to compare my finances across the whole year, which in turn helps me to set and achieve my goals because I have a better picture of what’s actually going on in my financial life.

I’m the type of person that feels relaxed when I feel in control and lists help me feel in control. So, my monthly review is the perfect way to help myself feel in control and in the know about my own life.

Below are some more ideas for things you can track in your review each month and be sure to keep scrolling to download your FREE template to help you start your own monthly review!

  • Hours worked
  • Trips home
  • Blog stats (pageviews, email subscribers, Instagram followers, etc.)
  • RA budget left
  • Meal plan meals left
  • Dining Dollars left
  • Dates with significant other
  • Days on track with a particular habit
  • Days you went to the gym
  • Fitness stats (pushups you can do, miles ran, deadlift PR, etc.)
  • Pages read


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