5 steps to creating routines that make life easy

Lots of people talk about routines — morning routines, night routines, skincare routines, exercise routines. People talk about how these regimens simplify their lives, help them stay organized, and make everything easier. But one question I feel like is always hard to answer is how do I create effective routines?

I wouldn’t say I’m an expert (I sometimes have a terrible time sticking to my routines), but I definitely have had a lot of success simplifying some everyday tasks by creating routines to help me get through the more tedious parts of my day.

{What kinds of routines do you have in your life? How did you create them? How do they help you? Once you’ve read the post, be sure to comment below!}

If you're struggling to get out of bed, forgetting important appointments, or your apartment is a mess creating routines helps simplify your life! | 5 STEPS TO CREATING ROUTINES THAT MAKE LIFE EASY | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Like all my tips, I may or may not be following my own advice and I definitely don’t suggest taking this blog post as gospel. These are just suggestions and things that help me when I’m stumbling through life!

1. Write everything down.

I live by this first tip (which is why I put it first!). I firmly believe that you should keep everything important on paper rather than in your brain. My planner does not forget things, I do. So I write everything down. I use a combination of whatever planner I’m currently loving, my catch-all notebook, and Google calendar, but everything gets written down somewhere. Any time someone tries to schedule or plan something with me, my instinct is to check my planner, because I made it a habit to write it all down.

In terms of creating routines, how this tip comes into play is writing down the steps of the routine you’re trying to develop. It might seem silly to write “1. Wash hands. 2. Take off makeup. 3. Wash face. 4. Apply moisturizer…..” but there’s power in writing down the steps you’re trying to get yourself to follow.

2. Get up and go to bed at the same times every day.

This especially aides in developing morning and night routines (much easier to follow your nightly skincare routine if you go to bed at 11 every night rather than at 8 some nights and 4am on others). But, it can be beneficial to any routine. Ensuring you go to bed and wake up at roughly the same time every day helps ensure you get enough sleep. Being well-rested is key to tackling a tough day and key to keeping that much needed consistency in your life.

3. Get ready in the same order every morning.

Now this might sound a little silly, but trust me when I say that the order you get ready makes a huge difference when you’re trying to instill a routine into your brain. It might not matter a ton to you whether you take your medicine or start up your coffee pot first, but it matters to your brain. If you switch the order of your steps all the time, it will be way more difficult to stick to your routine and you’re much more likely to miss a step (aka how I end up leaving the house without sunscreen on sometimes!)

Sticking to doing everything in the same order not only will help solidify and automatize your routine, but it will also help you feel less frazzled and make sure you don’t forget anything!

4. Set activities for each day of the week.

A little spontaneity is good, but too much “Oh I’ll just go with the flow!” can lead to days spent sitting on the couch doing nothing while important tasks pile up on your coffee table. If you’re in school or working a job with regular hours, you know what to expect from each day of the week. However, if you’re working a job like retail or food service, every Wednesday’s schedule might look totally different from the last.

Even with my set class schedule and predictable shifts at work, I still like to have some little personal routines in place that will keep me grounded in the flow of the week. For example, I like to take certain workout classes on certain days of the week (like whenever my friend Courtney is teaching cardio dance at the rec!). And — when I’m being good — I’ll have a certain chore assigned to each day of the week. Having little tasks or goals assigned to each day helps move you through the week and keep a little predictability even if your schedule is crazy.

5. Always plan tomorrow before going to sleep.

This is one my mom taught me as a kid. Every night she would have me pack my backpack and pick out my clothes for the next day. I still do this as an adult because WOW does it make the morning so much easier! Before I go to bed, I tidy up a little, pack tomorrow’s lunch, make sure everything I’ll need is in my bag, check the weather, and pick out tomorrow’s outfit. Doing all this the night before means that in the morning I can spend more time doing things like perfecting my eyeshadow look, savoring my coffee, or getting a couple extra winks of sleep.

Having fewer things to stress about when you wake up means that getting out of bed in the morning is a little bit easier. You don’t have to make as many decisions, so starting your day doesn’t seem as daunting. You’re also way less likely to forget about something important!

{Well there you have it, those are my best tips for creating effective routines that will hopefully make your life easier and more organized! Now if only I can make myself stick to a cleaning routine. Any tips? Leave them in the comments section below! I read and respond to every single comment!}

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