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Well, I think it’s safe to say that 2020 hasn’t been anything like any of us expected. But, in some ways, all this time at home has been a blessing in disguise. It’s almost time for me to go back to school for my second year of teaching fourth grade (virtually for the time being), and it seems like as good a time as any to commit to a full reset.

I started this blog in college as a place to share ideas, study tips, and productivity advice, but as my life has changed, I’ve had a hard time figuring out what I wanted from this blog. For a while, I was thinking about trying to pursue a career path related to blogging full time, so I was putting a lot of energy into it. But then, when I decided I wanted to teach, I ended up putting the blog on the back burner.

In this time of quarantine, isolation, social distancing, and staying home, I’ve really renewed my focus on hobbies. Since I haven’t been able to see friends, go to work in person, or mindlessly wander the aisles of Target, I’ve had to find activities that I really enjoy to fill my time. In all honesty, I’d forgotten how much I loved creating. I’ve gotten excited about playing with makeup, rediscovered my love for embroidery, and come back to making YouTube videos. I’ve also started working out more consistently and loving the way it makes me feel. I’ve dedicated more time to reading, but still been gentle with myself when I have a hard time focusing. I’ve been making an effort to invest more in my spiritual health and spent time reflecting, thinking, and praying. Unexpectedly, this difficult time has been a great time to really get to know myself better and I’m starting the school year feeling renewed and more confident, even as I’m apprehensive about all the newness to come.

Last school year was my first year of teaching and like most first year teachers, I was largely focused on staying afloat and getting through one day at a time. As the months went by, I got better at not spending 12 hours a day at school (9 hours is plenty!) and using my time at home to relax and reset. This year, at least for the beginning, my classroom and my bedroom are the same place, so I’m planning to be very intentional about taking time for myself and my hobbies each day. Without being intentional about that time, it’s easy to let those things slide.

In our society, we’re taught that work is the most important thing. In many ways, that’s true, because we need to earn a living. But, “all work and no play” is a surefire path to burnout. Since I’ve spent so much time finding and enjoying my hobbies this spring and summer, I want to make sure I hang onto them as the school year gets started and we get “back to normal” to some extent.

All that to say, I’m coming back to the blog with a new focus. I’m letting go of the pressure I’d put on myself to make every post perfectly helpful. Instead, I’m focusing on writing because I like to. I’ve mapped out a schedule for myself for the next couple months to make it easier to commit and I’m genuinely really excited about the content I have planned.

Sundays: Expect to see a new post on the blog. It might be about what I’m reading, some makeup advice, what’s going on in my life, or basically anything else I feel like writing.

Tuesdays: Look out for a book related video on my YouTube channel. I’ll be sharing what I read each month, books I love, books I hate, books I think you should read, opinions about genres, and more.

Saturdays: I’ll be sharing a beauty video on YouTube. Be on the lookout for tutorials, tips, recommendations, and more.

I’m also reminding myself over and over that the point of hobbies is to have fun and be restorative. I need to be consistent in order to make sure I’m taking time for myself, but I also need to be gentle enough to miss a day or even a week and not quit altogether.

I’m really excited for the future of Honeybee Joyous and I want to thank you. Whether you’ve been reading since I started the blog back in 2015, you’re brand new around here, or somewhere in between, I’m thankful for you and I’m excited to get back to creating content for you that makes me happy.

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