5 Makeup Products I’ve Come Around To

I’ve been wearing some amount of makeup since I was in high school and really got invested in makeup in my senior year of college. In all that time, my makeup preferences have changed quite a bit. In this week’s post, I’m sharing five different categories of products that I’ve come around to over the years. For one reason or another, I used to hate all these makeup product categories, but now they’re essential parts of my routine! Keep reading to find out why I’ve come around.


For a long time, I was strongly opposed to wearing foundation. In high school, I just didn’t own any and didn’t have my own money to buy some. The few times I borrowed some from a friend, it made my already difficult acne even worse. I went a couple years without wearing anything more than the occasional mascara. Then, when I started getting back into makeup in college, it was during the era of full coverage foundation. Every beauty guru was promoting foundation that would fully cover every semblance of skin texture on your face, and that just wasn’t my vibe.

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen a resurgence in BB creams, skin tints, and other forms of light coverage foundation. After trying out a few of these, I finally realized that it wasn’t foundation I disliked, it was heavy full coverage foundation. Now, I still don’t wear what most people would consider a traditional foundation, but I do use a skin coverage product most days that I do my makeup.

My favorites are the Colourpop Pretty Fresh Tinted Moisturizer (I wear the shade Light 6W) and the Covergirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation (I wear the shade 540 Light). They’re both pretty sheer coverage, but the Skin Milk is a little thicker so I use that when I’m going for a more full glam look.

I’m so glad there are now tons of sheer coverage foundations on the market because this new trend introduced me to a whole world of products.

Dewy Primer

Oh my goodness I am so glad I finally came around on dewy primers! Once again, this is thanks to the changing tides of makeup trends. In that full coverage phase everyone went through, it seemed like matte was the way to go. And even when people started lightening up on that, it seemed like everyone was always saying “if you have oily skin, you’re going to want matte products.” I’ve got combination skin with a really oily T zone, so I definitely bought into the idea that the dewy look wasn’t for me.

Once I tried some dewy primers though, I was hooked. There are no rules in makeup and if my forehead is going to get shiny anyway I might as well make it intentional!

My favorite dewy primer is the Glossier Futuredew, but a close (and way more affordable, if with fewer skincare benefits) is the Wet N Wild Photofocus Dewy Face Primer.

Dewy skin is for everyone! And if you want an easy glowy tutorial, check mine out on YouTube:

Liquid Eyeliner

Oh man. This is one I came around on with time and practice. In high school, I was convinced I could do a great cat eye. I could not.

Once I realized how awful I’d been leaving the house looking, I swore off liquid eyeliner. However, I went through a beauty subscription box phase in 2018. I got a sample of the Maybelline Master Precise Liquid Liner in one of the boxes and decided to give it a whirl. With a little practice (and realizing a felt tip is MUCH easier than whatever I’d been using in high school), I realized that I’m actually not as terrible at eyeliner as I thought and it’s definitely helpful for pulling a look together.

I swear by that Maybelline liner and I use either the black or brown one almost every day.

maybelline master precise liquid eyeliner

Lip Liner

I have no idea why I used to be so opposed to lip liner. Maybe because of that 90s brown liner, light pink lipstick kind of look? Either way, when I finally decided to try out using lip liner, I realized I’d been missing out! It helps pull a look together, it can be used to change the undertone or depth of a lipstick, it can add some opacity to gloss, and it can keep a bold lipstick from transferring outside the lips.

My favorite lip liners are the ones from Kokie and the Essence Stay 8H Lip Liners.

Neutral Eyeshadow

Last, but not least, neutral eyeshadow. There was a time when I’d only bother with colorful eyeshadow. My mentality was that if I wanted a neutral look, I could use my blush or bronzer, or simply not wear makeup.

Since then, I’ve come around and started to realize the beauty of neutral shadows. Whether they’re only neutral-ish, neutral with a pop of color, or truly neutral, I’d say I’m definitely a neutral eyeshadow convert. I still adore the tropical bird kind of look and Angelica Nyqvist is still my idol, but there’s room for neutrals in my life now!

My favorite neutral-ish palettes are the California Love palette from Colourpop, The Reign palette from Sample Beauty, and the Blush Crush palette from Colourpop.

Watch my tutorial with the California Love palette here:

My favorite neutral with a pop of color palettes are the Through My Eyes palette from Colourpop, the Tarteist Pro palette from Tarte, The Saharan palette from Juvia’s Place, and the 70s Feels palette from Elf.

Watch my 3 Looks, 1 Palette video with The Saharan palette (showing how to use the same palette to get neutral and bold looks):

My favorite truly neutral palettes are the Rainforest of the Sea Vol. II palette from Tarte and the Textured Neutrals palette from Tati Beauty.

Those are the five makeup products I’ve come around to (even if it’s taken a little while!) What about you? Are there any makeup products you used to hate but now you love? Leave a comment down below and let’s chat!

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