july 2019 reads honeybeejoyous

July 2019 Reads

I read SO MUCH this July! This summer was spent like my childhood — reading all the time. Check out the awesome thrillers I sped through this month. JULY 2019 READS | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

june 2019 reads honeybeejoyous

June 2019 Reads

Take a look at what I read in June 2019. Summer reading is always my favorite and I read some great books this month. JUNE 2019 READS | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

may 2019 reads

May 2019 Reads

In May 2019, I graduated from grad school and read some books that were outside my usual genre comfort zone. Take a look at what I read in May in this post! MAY 2019 READS | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

april 2019 reads honeybeejoyous

April 2019 Reads

In April, I was in the midst of my full-time student teaching, listening to audiobooks on my mile walks to and from my placement. Check out what I listened to in this post! APRIL 2019 READS | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

march 2019 reads honeybeejoyous

March 2019 Reads

Take a look at all the books I read in March 2019! Leave a comment with your thoughts on any of these books. MARCH 2019 READS | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

february 2019 reads honeybeejoyous

February 2019 Reads

I read three books in February and discovered two authors who would become favorites as the year went on. Check out my thoughts and reviews here! FEBRUARY 2019 READS | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

january 2019 reads honeybeejoyous

January 2019 Reads

I read 5 books in January 2019. Check out my reviews and thoughts in this post. JANUARY 2019 READS | HONEYBEE JOYOUS