Grad school can be a ridiculously stressful time, but that doesn't mean you can't still make time for the things you enjoy and have fun! | HOW TO HAVE FUN WHILE YOU'RE IN GRAD SCHOOL | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

How to have fun while you’re in grad school

I’m no stranger to academic rigor and a busy schedule, but man oh man is grad school a different beast. It may seem like the spring semester has only just begun, but my program has me doing just five weeks of class and then right on in to full time student teaching. This academic year has been quite a whirlwind so far and is only going to get busier so … How do I stay sane? How do I make time for fun? I’m not so sure about staying sane, but in this week’s post I’m at least going to…

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There's a lot of pressure to start off the semester on the right foot, but how do you actually do that? I'm sharing 3 of my favorite tips in this post! | 3 MORE THINGS TO DO TO PREPARE FOR A NEW SEMESTER | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

3 MORE things to do to prepare for a new semester

Now that our goals are set, our vision boards are made, and we’re thinking about our intentions for 2019, it’s about time to head back to real life and away from winter break. I’m starting my final semester of grad school and I’m hoping this will be my best semester of school yet! Last January, I wrote a blog post about 3 things to do to prepare for a new semester (read it here!) and really make the most of your fresh start. I enjoyed writing that post and those are three things I actually do, so I decided to…

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My four years of undergrad were years of growth, change, and lessons. I learned a lot — big and small, academic and personal. Here are 34 of the most important lessons I learned in college. | 34 THINGS I LEARNED IN 4 YEARS OF COLLEGE | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

34 lessons I learned in my 4 years of undergrad

I graduated!! Four years of college are done and I’ve got a bachelor’s degree! I can hardly believe it but I’m done with my undergrad career and I learned so much in my four years at William & Mary. I learned a lot both inside and outside the classroom and the past four years have been full of personal growth and change. I’ve experienced lots of super high highs, lots of super low lows, and lots and lots of days that felt like just another day. Today, I’m sharing with you 34 of the most important (both big and small)…

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Finals week can be stressful, but implementing effective study strategies can help you succeed on your exams and feel less stressed while doing it. Here are three of my favorite techniques. | FINALS WEEK: 3 STUDY STRATEGIES TO HELP YOU SUCCEED | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Finals week: 3 study strategies to help you succeed

For some people, finals week can be one of the most stressful times of the school year. I’ve already written about ways to destress and ways to stay sane during finals week, but today I’m going to share three study strategies that can help you ace your final exams. Before you head off to the library to implement these study tips, don’t forget to check out my post all about what to bring with you for a long study session at the library and above all, remember to focus and breathe! You can do this!     There is no shortage of…

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Choosing what college to attend can feel overwhelming, but this post is all about how to make the most informed decision you possibly can so you can pick the best college for you. | 10 QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF TO FIND YOUR PERFECT COLLEGE | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

10 questions to ask yourself to find your perfect college

Yesterday was one of my favorite traditions at my college — Day For Admitted Students, affectionately known as DFAS. In past years, I’ve always participated in DFAS as a representative of our student newspaper, The Flat Hat. However, since I’m a second-semester senior, I’m essentially retired from my role on the paper. So, while the current staff was passing out copies of the latest issue to prospective students, I decided to volunteer for DFAS in a different capacity. I had the opportunity to mingle with prospective students and their parents at the breakfast event first thing in the morning and…

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Winter break is almost over and that means it's time to start thinking about new classes and how to keep up your new year's resolutions in the new semester. | BLOGMAS DAY 42: 3 THINGS TO DO TO PREPARE FOR A NEW SEMESTER | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Blogmas Day 42: 3 things to do to prepare for a new semester

Winter break is almost over and that means it’s almost time for spring semester to start! I’m so pumped to start the new semester because it’s my last semester of my undergraduate education, which is exciting but a little scary to think about. Last semester I worked really hard and ended up with the best grades I’ve ever gotten so far in college (including A’s in both of my education classes!) and this semester I want to do just as well, if not better. In order to do that, I’ve got to go into the new semester with a plan…

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The holidays mean seeing family ... and sometimes defending your degree. Here's how to respond to the "What are you going to do with that?" question. | BLOGMAS DAY 23: HOW TO RESPOND WHEN PEOPLE ASK, "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH THAT?" | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Blogmas Day 23: How to respond when people ask, “What are you going to do with that?”

The holiday season usually means spending time with family, and sometimes spending time with family means defending what you’ve chosen to study. Well meaning relatives often ask, “What are you going to do with that?” when you tell them what you’re going to be getting a degree in. In this post, I’m going to give you some tips for how to respond to that kind of question without causing a fight at Christmas dinner.     I want to start by saying that my family has always been wonderfully supportive and I’ve never experienced anything but love and confidence from…

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Winter break is always much needed, but it can be hard to be away from college friends in the dead of winter. Here's my tips for beating those blues! | BLOGMAS DAY 16: HOW TO BEAT THE WINTER BREAK BLUES | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Blogmas Day 16: How to beat the winter break blues

It’s the beginning of finals week for me, but based on stuff I’ve seen on Instagram, it seems like some schools are already on winter break! I’m really excited for when I go on break (of course), but I also know that winter break can definitely sometimes start to feel way too long. Once the holiday celebrations are over and your friends from home start to head back to their respective colleges, it can feel like you’re stuck at home far from your friends with nothing to do. Because I know that feeling, I’m here to offer you some tips for how…

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Finals week can be one of the most stressful times of the year, but luckily there are lots of great things you can do with your friends to destress. | BLOGMAS DAY 9: FINALS WEEK — 5 WAYS TO DESTRESS WITH YOUR FRIENDS | HONEYBEE JOYOUS

Blogmas Day 9: Finals Week — 5 ways to destress with your friends

For many people, finals week is one of the most stressful times of the year. However, you’re not going to be doing your best on your exams if you’re super stressed and unfocused. I think it’s important to schedule in time to destress. Most people will tell you to make time to sleep and eat, which are obviously important things to do, but I think it’s important to make time to do something fun too. Finals week doesn’t have to mean studying non-stop, it can also be some of the best time to do fun things with your friends to…

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If you're an RA, you know the importance of beautiful bulletin boards. Check out my 4 favorite resources to make yours top notch! | RA SERIES: THE 4 BEST RESOURCES FOR BEAUTIFUL BOARDS AND FLYERS | HONEYBEEJOYOUS

RA series: The 4 best resources for beautiful boards and flyers

This post is the second installment in my RA series here on Honeybee Joyous. This coming weekend, I’m heading to the annual VACUHO conference as part of my school’s delegation. It’s basically a conference for RAs at colleges all across Virginia and I’m so excited! I went last year and had a great time, and I think this year it will be even better. So, in the spirit of the Residence Life hype I’ve been feeling lately, I thought I’d write an RA-related post this week. In this post, I’ll be running through four  essential resources for when I sit down to…

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